Jayco is a leader in the recreation vehicle industry and we hope that you, like so many others, will find our company an enjoyable and rewarding place to work.

As an employee of Jayco, the importance of your contribution cannot be overstated. Our goal is to be the most respected name in recreation vehicles. To do so, we must provide the finest quality products and services to customers and do this more effectively than our competitors. To the extent we satisfy our customers’ needs, they will continue to do business with us and will recommend us to others. You would be an important part of this process because your work directly influences Jayco’s reputation.

Our past success has been built on the integrity, hard work, and cooperative attitude of our employees. An important measure of this success is seen in the fact that we have hundreds of employees with more than 15 years of service and many who have spent their entire careers with us. The skills and qualifications you would bring to Jayco, combined with your initiative and willingness to work hard, will contribute towards helping this heritage continue.

At Jayco, you are able to deal directly with your manager in solving problems or expressing your concerns. We will always guarantee a sounding board so that you can communicate with management. For years, Jayco has provided excellent wages, benefits, and working conditions, all without the interference and expense to our employees of any third parties, unions, etc. We will continue to develop and maintain employee relations policies and practices to ensure that all of our employees receive fair treatment.

Wilbur L. Bontrager
Chairman of the Board

Derald L. Bontrager
President, Chief Executive Officer


Job Opportunities

Jayco cannot guarantee open positions.

Post DateJob TitleLocationOpenings
Aug 18, 2015Maintenance Technician - Multiple OpeningsMiddlebury, INFull-Time
Oct 1, 2015Production Line- Indiana ONLYMiddlebury, INFull-Time
Oct 1, 2015Customer Svc Rep - Tech - Tier 2 - S15093017 Topeka, INTopeka, INFull-Time
Oct 1, 2015Design Drafter-Towables T15092915Middlebury , INFull-Time
Oct 12, 2015Product Designer - Motorized Experience M15120302Middlebury, INFull-Time
Oct 19, 2015Sr Buyer - 15101616Middlebury, INFull-Time
Oct 21, 2015Motorhome Delivery Specialist - M15102020 M15102021Middlebury, INFull-Time
Nov 3, 2015RV Service Technician-Towable Starcraft S15102926 S15102927Topeka, INFull Time
Nov 4, 2015BOM/Design M15100906Middlebury, INFull Time
Nov 11, 2015RV Service Technician Motorized #M15111112...13...14Middlebury, INFull-Time
Nov 30, 2015Supervisor, Product Design T15113020Middlebury, INFull time
Dec 7, 2015Design Drafter 1 S15120702 S15120703Topeka, INFull time
Dec 10, 2015Customer Service Retail Highland Ridge RV H15121004Shipshewana, INFull Time
Dec 16, 2015Sr. Project Engineer T15121509Middlebury, INFull Time
Dec 16, 2015R & D Technician T15121506 T15121507Middlebury, INFull Time
Dec 21, 2015Buyer/Inventory Control M15122114Middlebury, INFull Time
Jan 8, 2016Customer Service Rep- Primary Warranty #160108003M 160127028TMiddlebury, IndianaFull-time
Jan 8, 2016Quality Assurance Coordinator #160108002SStarcraft Division- Topeka, IndianaFull-time
Jan 12, 2016Design Drafter (Product Designer) #160112015M, #160112016M, #160112019Middlebury, IndianaFull-Time
Jan 12, 2016RV Service Detailer #160112012M, #160112013MMiddlebury, IndianaFull Time
Jan 12, 2016Factory Service Admin Support #160112014MMiddlebury, IndianaFull-time
Jan 14, 2016Product Designer- #160114021and #160121024Middlebury, INFull-Time
Jan 22, 2015Line Engineer #160122025TMiddlebury, IndianaMultiple openings
Feb 8, 2015Accounts Payable Clerk I #160208041CMiddlebury, INFull - Time
Feb 8, 2016Event Planner & Coordinator #160208042MMiddlebury, INFull time