Supports Jayco’s customer service objectives by responding to parts issues that have been elevated from the primary group. These issues include complicated parts questions, obsolete parts, parts requiring research, angry customer/dealer issues and returned materials authorizations.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Performs research activities for hard to find parts that have been elevated by the primary and secondary group. Provides part numbers, prices, availability, etc. for the primary & secondary group and dealers.
  2. Answers inquiries from dealers pertaining to elevated parts matters.
  3. Researches parts orders. Assists Jayco dealers with part number research, price quotes, shipping options and parts availability, expediting shipments, etc.
  4. Monitors status of parts orders (both from special research and purchasing).
  5. Resolves hot/emergency parts situations concerning status of orders, expedites rush orders, etc.
  6. Obtains information for dealers from Purchasing and from original orders.
  7. Provides quotes for add-ons and processes/communicates change orders to appropriate departments/persons.
  8. Assists other company departments with parts information, as needed (i.e., Credit, Purchasing, etc.).
  9. Performs other related duties and projects as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Requires 3 to 5 years related experience and knowledge equivalent to high school plus additional broad, specialized training equal to 2 years college. Requires outstanding customer service skills, the ability to assess situations and respond appropriately.  The incumbent must possess good communication skills, a professional demeanor, and good computer skills (keyboard, data entry, etc.), the ability to multi-task and possess good attention-to-detail skills.  Knowledge of RV construction, processes, parts & warranties are a plus as well as knowledge of other regulations (e.g. lemon laws, recalls, etc.). 


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For more information, contact:

Jayco, Inc.
Dept. HRW 7201
903 S. Main Street
Middlebury, IN 46540
Fax: 574-825-6014

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