Interfaces with dealers and retail customers to ensure that Entegra’s product warranty and customer service objectives are administered and accomplished in a timely, cost effective manner.

Duties and Responsibilities 

  1. Communicates with customers to gather facts and negotiates an appropriate solution.
  2. Answers telephone and written inquiries via letters/e-mail from dealers and retail customers. Contacts range from routine warranty matters to extremely complicated, hot, emergency and sensitive customer service/dealer relations problems.
  3. Determines the nature of the call and, operating within standard practice, attempts to determine solutions that are satisfactory with the dealer/customer.
  4. Communicates with non-Entegra repair centers providing information, authorizing repairs and supplying parts.
  5. Initiates the return of units to Entegra for repairs and assists with checking in the units.
  6. Files incident reports when there is property damage, personal injury or fire.
  7. Provides technical service information to dealers and customers. Provides information on repair procedures.
  8. Facilitates the resolution of disputes between dealers and retail customers.
  9. Enters pertinent information from a variety of sources into unit file for future reference by appropriate personnel.
  10. Performs other related duties, as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Requires 3 to 5 years related experience and knowledge equivalent to high school plus additional broad, specialized training. Requires outstanding customer service skills, the ability to assess situations and respond appropriately. The incumbent must possess good communication skills, a professional demeanor, and good computer skills (keyboard, data entry, etc.), the ability to multi-task and possess good attention-to-detail skills. Knowledge of RV construction, processes, parts & warranties are a plus as well as knowledge of other regulations (e.g. lemon laws, recalls, etc.)

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For more information, contact:

Jayco, Inc.
Dept. HRW 7201
903 S. Main Street
Middlebury, IN 46540
Fax: 574-825-6014

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