Provides effective physical stockkeeping of production materials and ensures the integrity and reliability of the inventory status database by achieving and maintaining the required minimum level of piece count by location and record accuracy for assigned items and areas.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Contributes to organizational effectiveness and productivity by acting and communicating in a manner such that good relationships are maintained with co-workers, management, customers and others.
  1. Maintains the accuracy of the balance on hand records by properly recording material movement in and out of assigned storage locations. This includes entering transaction data (transfers, work orders, purchase orders, etc.) directly to computer system or providing source documentation to appropriate data entry person.
  2. Audits the accuracy of the on-hand balances by performing daily cycle counts following the guidelines established by management.
  3. Reports damaged or scrap materials and communicates with purchasing or warehouse control to determine if replacement is necessary.
  4. Receives sewing parts and packs for delivery. Assists departmental receivers, as necessary.
  5. Re-stocks warranty parts and enters into computer.
  6. Enters purchase order receipts into system.
  7. Assigns new bin locations to new or existing parts.
  8. Unloads UPS deliveries and sorts packages by destination (i.e., warranty, warehouse, etc.).
  9. Serves as a contact person with other warehouses requesting material transfer parts, and pulls those parts for pickup.
  10. Places incoming parts in proper storage bins, areas, etc. Maintains the accuracy of the balance on hand records by properly recording material movement in and out of assigned storage locations.  
  11. In consultation with Purchasing and Warehouse Foreman, determines and maintains the proper amount and arrangement of facilities (floor space, racks, etc.) required for efficient, orderly, and safe storage and usage of assigned items in warehouse.
  12. Assists in the planning, organization, and direction of the physical counting and data entry activities required for physical inventory.
  13. May direct the activities of receivers/material handlers regarding proper movement or placement of assigned items.
  14. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Requires 3 to 5 years related experience and knowledge equivalent to high school plus additional specialized training. Requires knowledge of RV manufacturing and parts, and the ability to safely operate a forklift. Requires an understanding of a closed-loop MRPII system, especially the functions of inventory control, cycle counting, and receiving. Good keyboard and math skills with a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail, along with excellent communication skills.


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For more information, contact:

Jayco, Inc.
Dept. HRW 7201
903 S. Main Street
Middlebury, IN 46540
Fax: 574-825-6014

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