A Dream to Share the Camping Experience

Jayco started with a dream. Lloyd, my late husband and I, had a dream that was based on our love of God and family and aimed at owning a business that would provide wholesome recreation for families to enjoy together.

Founders of Jayco in early office

In 1968, in a barn on a country road, our dream became a reality.  At my urging, Lloyd left the security of his employment and started Jayco. He relinquished a good job with another RV company because he thought he could build a better camper.  We founded our business by focusing on the belief that camping together would enhance and strengthen families, and by treating everyone (employees, dealers, and customers) according to the Golden Rule; “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

It was an exciting and sometimes uncertain time for a young family with six children – we didn’t even have health insurance at the time – but we kept our focus on our bigger dream of providing a fun, wholesome way for families to spend time together by camping.Bontrager Family - Jayco Choosing the RV industry was easy for us because we viewed camping as a way for families to spend pure, quality time together away from the distractions of everyday life in an affordable way. Our family enjoyed camping and wanted to make our favorite family pastime available to everyone else.

Since our humble beginnings of selling 132 fold downs in the first year with only about 10 or 12 employees, we have grown to building nearly 30,000 RVs a year with approximately 1,800 employees. Today Jayco still operates on the ideals and values Lloyd founded our business on; integrity in everything we do, constantly work hard to build a quality product, trust in God and fellow man and create a family atmosphere. We set out on this venture to provide RVs for families to enjoy quality time together and we are still doing that today.

Jayco's first fold-down camping trailerTo learn more about the Jayco story, click here.

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