Generations of Family Fun.

Generations of Family FunJayco’s story begins in a place where fireflies are as plentiful as open fields and where Amish buggies rattle down country backroads. It’s here, among these roads in the heart of Indiana, where our founder, Lloyd Bontrager created an innovative lifter system that led a better fold-down camper. He believed his camper would bring families closer together. This history has driven our unwavering commitment to help families create lifelong memories.

To honor our history and to highlight our focus on families we are introducing a new positioning line for Jayco, Generations of Family Fun. We believe (with our whole hearts) that it conveys Jayco’s commitment in helping families explore and relax together.

The new tagline encompasses the following values:

Family: The Jayco Story isn’t just about RVs. Our story is about how Jayco has shaped everything from family livelihoods to family journeys — plus, a good dose of family fun. We believe family is at the core of RVing, and we think Lloyd would certainly agree.

Durability:  The word “generations” speaks to Jayco’s durability. Both our company and our RVs are long lasting. (As for the many camping memories we’ve helped create, we’ve been told those last a lifetime.)

Fun: Everyone defines fun a little differently — campfires, shooting stars, fresh air, wildlife. But there is one constant. Fun has to be carefree, so at Jayco, we firmly believe quality time starts with a quality RV — which brings us back to that last word. Durability. There’s nothing like a dependable RV.

Longevity: Jayco is North America’s largest family-owned RV manufacturer. It means we’re more than just a company. It means Jayco is a family in itself, made up of employees, dealers, and owners whose own families have been connected to Jayco for decades.

With that said, we are proud to officially introduce our company’s new tagline – Generations of Family Fun. When we created it, we thought about the one thing that made Lloyd Bontrager tick so many years ago — and that was family fun.


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