Jayco Motorhomes Now Feature An Exclusive Ride And Handling Package


Here, at Jayco, the drive inspires — as does your confidence, which is why we’re excited to announce that select Jayco motorhomes will be equipped with the all-new JRide, a Jayco exclusive Ride and Handling package designed to deliver the ultimate RV driving experience.

The package, available on the Greyhawk, Melbourne and Precept, is a powerful blend of precise handling and renowned stability. Built on a Ford chassis, these Jayco motorhomes

are packed with a number of high-end features that smooth out the ride, including:

• Bilstein shocks: You won’t find these high-end shocks on any other Class C motorhome. These shocks, the same road-absorbing suspension found in a Mercedes Benz, feature a unique piston system that reacts to bumps and holes in the road, eliminating excessive sway and bouncing.

• Hellwig helper springs: Standard on Greyhawk and Melbourne, Hellwig helper springs deliver a rigid ride, preventing the chassis from sagging under weight. Self-regulating, these springs are easier to maintain than airbag suspension.

• Rubber-isolation mounts: Greyhawk and Melbourne are equipped with a total of 16 rubber isolation pucks positioned near the tires to absorb road shock. These pucks, which you won’t find on other Class Cs, function like cartilage in your body, keeping objects from rubbing against each other, in this case metal components. Allowing for a certain amount of movement, rubber-isolation mounts minimize the transmission of noise and small vibrations throughout your RV.

• Variable-rate jounce bumpers: A standard feature on the Ford F53 chassis, jounce bumpers add to Precept’s smooth ride.

The JRide package also delivers precise handling because, at Jayco, we don’t believe powering through corners should be a thrill reserved only for car enthusiasts. Thanks to added sway bars, a balanced drive shaft and a custom-sheared frame, every corner beckons. Here’s more about those features:

• Sway bar(s): Unlike other Class Cs, Jayco adds a sway bar to the Greyhawk and Melbourne chassis. Connecting opposite wheels together through short lever arms linked by a torsion spring, a sway bar raises and lowers each side of the unit to similar heights, reducing sideways tilting when cornering. On Precept, a second stabilizing bar enhances the Ford F53 chassis. Other Class As are only equipped with one bar.

• Balanced drive shaft: Every Jayco motorhome drive shaft is balanced on the line to eliminate shudder.

• MOR/ryde frame: At Jayco, we don’t settle for the standard frame pattern provided with each Ford chassis. Instead, we extend the chassis, building on MOR/ryde’s one-piece, laser-sheared, tight-fit frame. This frame delivers optimal weight distribution for a more precise ride.

In short, the JRide package delivers the most-advanced Class C ride. Don’t believe us? Take one for a spin!

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