Jayco’s Customer Service Process

One of the principles Jayco has focused on since its beginnings in 1968 is providing exceptional customer service for our customers after the sale. We hope that issues don’t arise for our customers but we also know that we would be mistaken to think that there will never been any issues. That is why we have always been committed to having in place a strong, dedicated Customer Service team. They are there to help our dealers solve customers’ problems and answer questions that customers might have.  We’re happy to serve our customers but in order to provide the best possible service, we have devised a process to make the resolution of problems easier.

Jayco's Customer Service department

First, we ask that you work through your local Jayco dealer to resolve any issues or answer any questions. Jayco has empowered its dealers to make warranty and repair decisions. If a special circumstance occurs that requires information from Jayco, we have asked your dealer’s service management to make the contact to Jayco on your behalf, which is stated in all Owners’ Manuals. This is why we encourage all customers to first speak with their local Jayco dealer’s service management. Our Customer Service team will always ask the customer if they have worked with their local dealer first. If attempts to work with the local dealer have not been made, our Customer Service team will refer the customer back to their selling Jayco dealer. Not sure where the closest local Jayco dealer is? You can use our dealer locator tool.

If for some reason the customer does not get satisfaction while working with their local Jayco dealer or is having difficulties, then they may call our Customer Service department directly. When a customer calls in, we ask that they have their serial number readily available as all of our information and documentation is organized by the serial number. A detailed list of the issues is also helpful for our Customer Service team to ensure that they are able to provide the customer with the best service. From there, our Customer Service representative will do their best to resolve the issues at hand.

We also have an email option available to contact our Customer Service team. However, the department prefers that email communications are used for short and quick answers and not for technical questions, which would require many back and forth emails and possibly misinterpretation of the information. Some question examples for short and quick answers would be: “When does my warranty expire?”, “How can I obtain an Owner’s Manual?”, “Where is my closest Jayco dealer?” Again, it is helpful to include your serial number.

Our ultimate goal at Jayco is to provide our customers with exceptional customer service to ensure their satisfaction in our product. Cooperation with our Customer Service department’s process is appreciated as it will help us best serve our customers.

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