Jayco’s Wall Quality Assurance Testing – Post #3

So far we’ve discussed Quality Assurance Testing program and two of the major tests that are completed in this process; the camping audit and the rain booth test. Next, we’ll highlight the three tests that focus on the quality and durability of our walls. All of these tests take samples of walls right off of the production line where the walls are being built to be used in our units. We choose to take cutouts from walls that are being used rather than build a wall specifically for testing so that we may have confidence that the walls we are actually using on our units are consistently made correctly.

The first, water and glue tests, checks to make sure the correct amount of glue and water is used in the production of the walls. We measure the walls three times a day so we’re constantly checking the amount of glue and water that goes into make our walls, confirming that we’re always using the accurate levels.

We also test to ensure that the bond between the fiberglass and luaun paneling is stronger than the luaun itself. We call this test the peel test. Our testers pull as hard as they can to try and peel away the luaun from the fiberglass.

Lastly, we want to confirm that our walls will be able to handle the most extreme conditions, so we put them through a heat and freeze test. We first take the wall samples and place them into a heated box that reaches 175 degrees. The wall samples sit in this box for eight hours and then are tested at zero degrees for eight hours. This test cycles for three days to make certain extreme temperatures will not affect our walls.

Well, there you have it. We’ve explained Jayco’s Quality Assurance Testing program and the five major tests that include a range of checks that are done throughout this process. To watch a video of these tests and listen to one of our Quality Assurance Manager’s talk a little bit about Jayco’s program, click here.

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