Favorite RV Movies

Since most RV’s across North America are stuck in hibernation for the winter months, we’re pining for the days when we can go camping again! Until then, we’ve decided that we’ll settle for some RV focused movies. We have two of our favorites listed below with a quick synopsis. If you haven’t checked them out already we highly recommend them!

The Long, Long Trailer – In this film from 1954 starring Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz, Nicky Collini (Arnaz) and his fiancée Tracy (Ball) purchase a large travel trailer so they can travel around the USA for Nicky’s work and to save money that they would otherwise spend on a house. Throughout the movie, they face many disasters that aren’t limited to Tracy’s attempts to cook dinner while they’re going down the road, navigating hairpin turns while traveling through the mountains, backing into their hosts’ porch and struggling to level the unit after getting stuck in the mud during a rainstorm. The stress of life on the road soon causes troubles for the couple but by the end of the movie they reunite. The movie is fun, entertaining and will keep you laughing.




RV – This 2006 film features Robin Williams and Cheryl Hines in a family comedy. Bob Munro (Williams) is punished by his boss by making him forgo his family’s Hawaii vacation plans and instead, present a merger proposal to the grassroots Alpine Soda company in Colorado instead. In an effort to save the family vacation, he tells his wife and two teenage children that they are instead traveling to the Rockies and rents an RV for the trip. Along the way the family encounters many funny mishaps including damaging the parking brake, flushing out a trio of raccoons with a stink bomb, fixing a clogged sewage system and running into and over many objects such as shopping carts. They also meet a full-time RVing family that they eventually feel is stalking them. Throughout all this, Bob is still disguising this business trip as a family vacation so to do his work, which he hides by working in restrooms and other private places until his laptop is stolen. His family starts to enjoy the trip toward the end before discovering the real reason their father switched their trip from Hawaii to an RV trip to the Rockies when they catch him attempting to escape to make the meeting on time. In the end, they realize the true value of their RV trip and are glad for what it provided them. The movie is highly entertaining and funny. We definitely recommend this movie for families of all ages.

We know there are other movies out there that feature RVs. What is your favorite RV movie?

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