Finding the Perfect RV Grill

It’s that time of year, when folks are dusting off the grill and getting ready for some great campground meals cooked out in the open air. Choosing a grill for your RV is different than picking one for your sticks and bricks home, mostly because you need to be concerned with portability.  And, with so many options out there, this can be overwhelming purchase.  Narrow down your search by first deciding if you want a charcoal, propane, or electric grill.


Many people swear by charcoal, but consider that you might be using your grill much more on the road than at home. Want to toast those breakfast burritos in the morning? That will take a lot longer if you have to wait for the coals to get hot.


Propane is by far the most popular choice with RVers since you can hook most grills right up to your camper gas line. They travel easily and cleanup is a snap. You can also use them in other situations, such as tailgating.


Another interesting option is an electric grill. If you are planning to only stay in campgrounds with hook ups, this might be a very economical choice. Propane costs can add up, but electricity is included in the cost of a full hook-up campsite. Most RVs have outlets on the outside, so it is a snap to plug in and prepare those fish tacos and shrimp kebabs.

After you have decided what type of grill you want, think about portability. Look for a well-made, easily stored grill that can sit on a picnic table or one that has folding legs for easy storage. Make sure it fits in your particular RV, and don’t forget to check the weight.

Ready to look for one yourself? Here is a checklist of other questions to ask before making that final purchase…

  1. How will I use this on the road? Will I use it most days, or just on special occasions?
  2. What kind of campgrounds will I stay at? Do I boondock without hookups? Do I stay in State Parks that might have fire restrictions in the summer? Do I always have access to electricity or propane?
  3. What is the top end of my budget? Am I willing to spend a little more now to have a grill for years to come?

So go ahead…find that grill that is worthy of all the amazing dinners you have in mind for this RVing season. Your fellow campers will thank you for it.


This post was written by Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi of RV Family Travel Atlas. You can follow their adventures on their blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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