Green RVing

These days, everyone is trying to reduce their carbon footprint and “go green”. Being in the RV industry, we truly understand the needs and desires to reduce pollution. After all nature is our playground.  This reason among many others makes the “go green” movement one we at Jayco support and encourage.

Fortunately for RVers, choosing to vacation in an RV is already a step in the right direction to reducing carbon footprints. According to a study conducted by PFK Consulting, commissioned by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, families of four generate less CO2 when taking RV vacations than they do when they travel via plane, rent a car and stay in a hotel. In their research, PFK discovered that in all cases a softer environmental impact happens during RV vacations compared to a typical airline, rental car, hotel vacation. (source).

In addition to choosing a RV vacation, there are other things you can do while camping to reduce waste and help preserve our environment. Here are some ideas that Jayco employees suggest:

  • When buying an RV, look for ones that focus on being eco-friendly.
  • Reduce vehicle emissions and conserve energy by staying up-to-date on the recommended tune-up and oil change schedules for your RV. Keeping your tow vehicle or motorhome running at peak efficiency is best for your RV and the environment.
  • Try to minimize your use of disposable products. If you must use disposable products, stick with paper rather than Styrofoam.
  • Recycle any materials that can be recycled. Save the items until you are able to find a recycling center or take them home with you. Don’t burn them in your fire.
  • Keep the campgrounds unsoiled by always cleaning up after yourself before you leave the campsite.
  • Use rechargeable batteries in all electronics and appliances like flashlights and portable radios.
  • Don’t wash in lakes, streams and rivers, staying 200 feet away. Detergents, toothpastes and soaps are dangerous for fish and other aquatic life
  • When buying soaps and detergents for a camping trip, choose brands that are environmentally friendly.
  • Scatter gray water, rather than dumping it all in one spot so that it filters through the soil.

What do you do to make your camping trips more eco-friendly?

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