RV Lingo

The world of RVs and camping has a vocabulary of its own. And if you’re not up to speed with the latest lingo, it can sound like gibberish when someone is talking to you.

For instance, have you ever gone bushwhacking? Yea, it’s a real thing.


Off-trail travel through brush where no cleared path exists and hikers have to force their way through the branches.

Or do you have any idea what crampons are?


Traction devices used to improve mobility on snow and ice. There are three main attachment systems for footwear: step-in, hybrid, and strap bindings. The first two require boots with welts, the last adapt to any type.

What about a Honey Wagon? It’s not as sweet as it sounds.

Honey Wagon

Euphemism for the sewage pumping truck. Honey wagons are used to empty RV holding tanks in places where full hookups and dump stations are not available.

And don’t blush when you hear someone refer to the umbilical cord. They just mean the wiring harness which connects the trailer to the tow vehicle during transport. The umbilical cord supplies the trailer with DC power for charging the batteries and operating DC equipment. It also operates the trailer brakes and signal lights.

Is your head spinning already? Do not fear, at www.jayco.com we have a glossary full of all the terms you need to know to sound like a professional and seasoned RVer. Take some time to look around and expand your camping vocabulary. Know a camping or RV term that’s not included in our glossary? Leave a comment with the word and its definition.

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