Our Top 8 Favorite Apps for RV Trips

RV camping isn’t always about going completely off the grid.  More often than not, adding a bit of technology can make your RV trip even better.   From helpful camping tips to easy-to-use travel journals, there are thousands of apps that can make any RV trip a little more convenient and more enjoyable.  Below are some of our very favorite apps for RVing.

1.  Weather.com

You have to know the forecast when you’re headed out on any RV trip.  When should you hit the hiking trails, the fishing lake, or hunker down and play cards?  This handy real-time Weather.com app makes it easy to plan before and during your RV trip.

2.  Flashlight

After-dinner searches for firewood or late-night runs to the clubhouse require some kind of light.  If you’re not the headlamp type or if carrying a lantern guarantees mosquito bites, this simple app will be your best friend.  Flashlight turns your cell phone into just that, a flashlight. Using LED light, Flashlight is a quick fix when camping leaves you in the dark.

3.  Google’s Sky Map

One the coolest perks of RV camping is escaping the city lights and getting a chance to see the stars.  Google’s Sky Map is Google Earth for the night sky.  Take advantage of being away from it all and learn about stars and planets.

4.  Maplets

Visiting Yellowstone? RVing through Death Valley?  There’s a map for that, and it’s on your phone.  Maplets houses maps for everywhere.  Find a map specific to the national or state park you’re visiting or the city you’re driving through.  This app houses everything, from maps of the Vegas strip to the Red Wood Forest.

5.  Bug Spray

Who knew your cell phone could act as mosquito repellent!? Using high frequency sound, Bug Spray keeps the bugs away. It’s amazing!  Enjoy dinners under your RV awning without worrying about getting eaten alive.

6.  RV Dumps

Have you ever been stuck with no idea where you’d find an RV dump station?  Never again.  RV Dumps is a comprehensive map that uses GPS to show you all of our nearby clean up options.  This one is a must have.

7.  Cheap Gas

RV trips are economical (especially compared to flying!), but we’re always on the lookout for our cheapest option for fuel.  The Cheap Gas takes the work out of finding the nearest deal on gas.  No need to hedge your bets and drive by station after station looking for a better deal, just have your co-pilot use Cheap Gas.

8.  Travel Journal

Hands down, the best part of RV camping trips are the memories.  Travel Journal is an easy to use log that integrates maps, photos, notes, and videos and records your RV memories. The app geotags your images and documents your travels in real-time and integrates social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube so you can easily share your memories with family and friends.

Give these apps a shot on your next RV trip, we’d love to hear what you think of them.

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