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Starts with Peace of Mind

At Jayco, we build our RVs to handle every adventure, which is why we can offer an industry-leading 2-year limited warranty. Our dedicated production team includes Amish craftsmen who build with well-honed woodworking skills passed down for generations. We make sure we take the extra steps to build high quality products that are durable and use the most advanced construction techniques.




Jayco builds on custom-sized frames, designed specifically for each floorplan. Other manufacturers use stock frames, stretching and welding the frame to fit.

Wall Construction
  • Vacuum-bonded laminated layers: Involves 15-18 minutes of 144 tons of pressure to ensure a stronger bond
  • Welded aluminum frames with metal backers: Lighter than wood, increases towability
  • Extra-wide corner seals: Prevents leaks on the corner molds, baggage and entrance doors and window seals
Magnum Truss Roof System
  • 4 1/2" crowned wood trusses: Uses 2"x 2" vertical studs to maximize load capacity, while oversized nail plates provide a tighter design
  • 3/8" roof decking, screwed down at every seam: More durable than typical stapled construction, provides fully walkable roof
  • Residential attic-style insulation: Helps maintain interior temperatures
  • One-piece, sidewall-wrapped Alpha Ply material: Provides leak protection
Floor Construction
  • Vacuum-bonded laminated layers: Backed by computer monitoring and constant quality control checks, Jayco prides itself on a solid foundation, especially in Octane’s cargo area
  • Heavy-duty Structurwood on 2" x 3" aluminum floor joists: Creates one of industry’s strongest foundations
  • Innovative A-frame: Fully integrated, and not welded, prevents buckling

At Jayco, we've built a reputation for superior construction and quality craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on always using top-quality materials and innovative manufacturing techniques. That commitment has led to our latest construction advancement, the Jayco Magnum Truss Roof System, 50 percent stronger than other roofs in the industry, built to outlast everything but your memories.


Screwed Construction

We screw down 3/8" roof decking at each seam, which creates a more firmly secured structure and reduces the chance of fasteners coming loose and puncturing the rubber roof material.

Stapled Construction

Competitors staple their decking, which is not as strong or as reliable as screwed construction.

Oversized Nail Plates

Jayco uses oversized nail plate joint fasteners on both sides of the trusses, making for a much tighter truss with less chance of movement.

Smaller Nail Plates

Competitors use smaller nail plates, and in most areas, only use them on one side of the truss, increasing the likelihood the roof will flex.


2 x 2 Vertical Wood Studs

The Magnum Roof System uses 2 x 2 vertical studs, strategically placed to maximize load capacity. Nail plates also are used on both sides of the vertical stud to further enhance strength.

1" Aluminum Piece

Competitors use a 1" piece of aluminum as their vertical support, which provides less strength in important areas.


Safer Wiring

The 2 x 2 vertical studs provide smoother edges along which to run wiring, greatly reducing the risk of electrical shorts.

Less Safe Wiring

With the 1" aluminum piece and its sharp edges, our competitors' roofs are more likely to have electrical shorts.


7" Header Beam

Between the roof and slideout openings, we use 7" header beams, a more acceptable material used in home construction for load-bearing beams.

2 x 6 Lumber

Competitors use a 2 x 6 piece of lumber, which creates a weaker 5 1/2" beam.


4,500 lbs. on a Jayco Roof

The Magnum Truss Roof System withstood 4,500 lbs., showing that Jayco's exclusive roof construction can hold a 50 percent heavier load than the competition. This strength translates into durability and is a result of superior quality construction.