Performs interface function between product engineering, industrial engineering, manufacturing, and manufacturing support departments.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Works directly with quality assurance, industrial engineering, manufacturing and manufacturing support departments on a continuing basis.  related to design, drawings, bills of materials (BOM), and other engineering documents.
  2. Communicates design requirements for new features and floor plans to manufacturing and manufacturing support departments. 
  3. Ensures that units meet all specifications.  Modifies and adjusts engineering documents as required.  Makes and/or recommends design changes to decrease costs and improve quality and manufacturability.
  4. Coordinates and distributes Engineering Change Notices (ECN) and verifies accuracy of ECN changes. 
  5. Maintains and distributes print files and documentation for manufacturing.
  6. Works with supervisors of production and side departments in the scheduling of prototypes and assemblies.  Provides leadership to manufacturing in the development of prototypes on the production line and records all drawings/design changes. 
  7. Communicates design requirements; investigates and resolves discrepancies; and makes improvements.
  8. Works with industrial engineering, manufacturing, and design engineering to validate new processes or procedures by building mock-ups or prototypes. 
  9. Identifies areas that should be improved with products and works with manufacturing, quality, and the design engineering departments to implement suggested improvements.
  10. Performs visual inspection of new prototype & first-run parts as they arrive in plants for accuracy.
  11. Ensures awareness of Jayco standards and assists in ensuring that they are complied with.
  12. Communicates and coordinates with appropriate manufacturing support areas concerning re-work due to change orders or redesign of product/components.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Requires 5 to 7 years related experience and knowledge equivalent to high school plus broad additional training equal to 2 years of college. Must understand all aspects of recreational vehicle construction.  Requires the ability to gain the respect of and effectively communicate with a wide variety of personnel within and outside of the supported department.  Computer experience is required.


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