Reuse – The Underrated ‘R’

Most people are pretty familiar with the three R’s of recycling: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. In this article, we thought we’d spend some time on ‘Reuse’ and offer a few ideas to help you reuse in ways you might not have thought about before.

  • Plastic Grocery Bags: Great for small trash cans or small messes you need to throw away immediately.
  • Paper Grocery Bags: Cover those schoolbooks.  Here is a quick tutorial:
  • Ziplock Bags: No need to throw those away after one use.  Wash, let dry and let the ziplocking fun begin again!
  • Heavy Tinfoil: Your grandmother was right in saving it all these years! Wash and reuse. Trust us, it still works after one use.
  • Old T-shirts: Try using them for crafts: Quilts, kids clothes, washrags, and the possibilities are endless!
  • Newspapers: With a little vinegar and water, you’ve got everything you need for sparkling windows and mirrors! No need to buy those paper towels.
  • Plastic Milk Jugs: Reduce your bottled water usage by cleaning out milk jugs and filling with tap water.  Keep them in the refrigerator for a nice cold drink anytime.
  • Leftovers: Tired of eating leftovers.  Freeze leftovers right away to keep for soups and stews later.
  • Mouse Pads: Who doesn’t have extra mouse pads sitting around?  Reuse those unused or old mouse pads by cutting them down and making coasters or furniture pads to save your nice floors.
  • Soda Bottles: Rinse, fill half way with water and throw in the freezer.  Now you’ve got a cold pack for lunches, picnics and BBQs.
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