Jayco's Giveaway Practices

June 10, 2020

Jayco's Giveaway Practices

With several fake giveaways of Jayco RVs circulating on the internet, we wanted to define clearly, what is real and what is fake, in order to protect you as much as possible from misleading contests and provide you with useful information. Below, we have outlined our typical giveaway process and have included links to our official website and social media accounts so you know anything posted elsewhere is not a valid giveaway or offer from Jayco, Inc.

#1 When Jayco runs an official promotion or giveaway, the announcement can be found on any or all of the following websites or accounts.

Website - www.jayco.com
Facebook - facebook.com/JaycoRVs/
Instagram - @jaycorv
Twitter - @jaycorvs (NO LONGER ACTIVE AS OF 2021) 
YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/jayco
Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/company/jayco-inc.

#2 In most cases, our giveaways will require participants to share photos and corresponding captions via Twitter or Instagram, using a specified #hashtag, or submit by posting on the official Jayco Facebook page. At times, we may ask that you fill out a simple form that is posted on www.jayco.com, our official website. Winners are selected at random on a pre-determined date or multiple dates. These pre-determined dates will not move or change during the giveaway period.

#3 Winners are typically announced through a post on Jayco’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts featuring their name or username and announcing them as the winner. Winners will be required to private message Jayco with their contact information to obtain their prize. Again, these winner announcements will happen as a public post made on Jayco’s official accounts listed above.

#4 We will never ask for a credit card or bank account information, social security numbers, or other personal information. We only ask for your basic contact information such as your first and last name, mailing address, phone number, and email address. This interaction will either happen in our official Jayco account inboxes (linked above), over email from an @jayco.com email address or on the phone.

Please protect yourself and your personal information by fact-checking all giveaways you see online. We appreciate the many people who have brought these fraudulent giveaways to our attention and have pursued the truth before entering. Thank you for understanding that we do not have control over fake accounts or giveaways but we will do all we can to report them as we’re made aware. Please consider reporting fraudulent accounts when you see them and help protect your fellow social media users.

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