Generations of Family Fun: The Puglisi Family

Puglisis family

We were married almost 10 years before our twin boys, Max and Theo, arrived in this world. Over the course of that time, we traveled a ton…driving out to California and back, cruising up and down the East Coast, checking out Jazz Fest in New Orleans, hiking in Maine, and enjoying summers in Cape Hatteras.

There was nothing we enjoyed more than discovering this beautiful country of ours, one road trip at a time.

So although we were avid travelers, we were not necessarily enthusiastic campers. As the daughter of an Eagle Scout, Stephanie had spent a fair share of her childhood vacations sleeping in a leaky eight-man army tent. Jeremy also had logged in some camping time on various surf trips over the years. But all told, we could count on one hand the number of times we had camped together as a couple.

Then the boys arrived. Of course everything really does change once you have children, and we quickly realized two things:

  1. We still wanted to travel and have great adventures with our kids.
  1. Traveling had just gotten a bit trickier and a lot more expensive.

It didn’t take us long to come up with a game plan. We scrapped our dream of a ten-year anniversary trip to Ireland, and instead bought a pop up camper. That was our present to ourselves. We considered it a celebration of our new life as parents and an investment in the next ten years of our family.

We had absolutely no idea what we were doing when we bought our first camper. The family joke is that it was the best and worst decision we ever made.  The best because it introduced us to the RV lifestyle, which has brought more travel and adventure into our lives than we ever could have imagined. The worst because we paid far too much for a low-quality camper that ultimately didn’t suit our needs as a family.

Two years later, when we had the opportunity to upgrade, Jeremy was ready. He had done his research and knew without a doubt that his next RV would be a Jayco, since the quality and warranty could not be matched. Floor plans were studied, pro and con lists were made, RV shows were visited.

In June of 2012, Jeremy won an Educator of the Year award, which came along with a lovely cash prize. The very next week, we brought our shiny, new Jayco White Hawk travel trailer home. Thank goodness we chose a bunkhouse model, since a month later we discovered we would be welcoming our third little camper, Wesley, into the family.

Puglisis White Hawk

We have spent more than 200 nights in our White Hawk, traveling from the mountains to the sea, hiking in national and state parks, kayaking, zip lining, and cliff diving. Our Jayco has taken us from adventure to adventure with our children, and we are loving the journey.

When we first saw Jayco’s brand promise, Generations of Family Fun, it resonated with us on a very personal level.  Neither of us grew up RVing, but over the last five years, camping trips have become part of the rhythm of our family life. Our boys count down the days until we leave for our next camping adventure, and we know they are creating memories that will last a lifetime. We also believe we are building family traditions that will last for generations.

What does family fun mean to us? For our family it is that magical moment when everyone, young and old and in between, is discovering exactly how exciting and joyful life can be. We find it each time we introduce the boys to a new place or experience. Each time we hike a new trail, swim in a beautiful lake, or revisit a family favorite campground.  Family fun is in the rowdy water fights at the lake and the quiet moments fishing in the stream. It is the time we spend together, when the demands and the daily grind of life fade into the background.

If you’re considering purchasing an RV and entering the lifestyle – just do it now. Don’t wait. We have received hundreds of emails from people who have purchased their first RV and so many of them wish they had done it sooner. Time with your children passes quickly, and this is such an amazing way to build close relationships with them. Life is busy and can pull us in so many directions. RVing brings us back together again, making memories that we know will stay with our kids forever.

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Jeremy & Stephanie Puglisi are the authors and creators of the RV Family Travel Atlas blog and podcast. They love sharing their passion for RVing with others who are interested in the lifestyle and have the experience to back it up. To learn more about their family and their adventures, head over to their website:



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