The Nest Is Empty

Why We Chose the Jayco 2017 Hummingbird 

The day that every parent thinks will never happen; that child that you still see as too young to make their way in the world leaves home. With emotions of pride and anxiety you become smaller and smaller in their rear view mirror until their focus shifts from the past and into the future of what lies on the road ahead. In the natural order of things, that day came for us, our youngest son of three boys moved away to college. We thought we were ready for this, we were pros we thought, having successfully mentoring two other boys through college and career starts; as an IT professional and the other son an officer in the greatest Air Force in the world. We even were blessed in gaining an angel for a daughter when our oldest son wed. But then reality struck, the nest was really empty!! What are we going to do now?

So after considerable thought we decided to buy an RV. My wife had some RV experiences in her youth, and her parents are full-timers. My experience was limited to primitive tent camping, but it was not a hard sell to convince me of the benefits of the comforts of home on wheels.

Our criteria in our search effort included:

  • New with a strong warranty
  • Function and comfort
  • Easy to tow
  • Stylish and modern with a “cool” factor

We are fortunate to have three large RV dealerships only miles from our home carrying the vast majority of national brands. After evaluating several brands and models we purchased the Jayco Hummingbird. It met and exceeded our needs and expectations.

The Jayco two-year warranty is well known in the industry to be one of the strongest, and with no experience in RV work and repair, this was a significant part of our decision to purchase the Jayco brand.

We considered several Jayco models but were drawn to the Hummingbird. It was the perfect size for the two of us and our Boston Terrier traveling companion. I have always been the family cook and a self-proclaimed lover of food. The setup of the RK model was designed with the family chef in mind. A two-burner stove, convection oven and microwave combination, spacious countertops and pantry, generous cabinet and drawer space, a well placed kitchen sink, a roomy refrigerator with a freezer compartment, and even an outdoor table with quick connect propane access for outdoor cooking at the rear of the trailer.

The dinette doubles as a sofa and sleeping space if needed, and it provides a ideal viewing angle for the interior television. The mattress is residential quality and exceeded our expectations. We were very impressed with the number of windows allowing both ambient outdoor light and cool spring and fall breezes. There are a remarkable number of cabinets and drawers for clothing and storage. The wet bath is surprisingly functional for the size and the hot water heater recovery rate on the combination of electricity and propane allows two adults to take showers with plenty of hot water.

The electronics are well engineered and intuitively placed. Where you need an outlet there is an outlet including a USB outlet for phone and device charging. The interior LED lighting can be controlled either with the wall switch or individually. The entertainment system features Bluetooth connectivity and doubles as a radio and DVD player. The ceiling speakers sound remarkable especially while playing a DVD movie, it borders on theater quality sound. Included in the electronic package is an exterior outlet along with a bracket for an exterior TV for our weekend golf tournament viewing and exterior speakers for the sound system. It has a large electric awning that provides a nice shade footprint and the exterior LED lights provide an eclectic glow and multicolor options.  All of our function and comfort standards were more than achieved with this model.

We have a full size truck so we had room in the towing capacity to consider several trailers. No matter the configuration, the Hummingbird is a lightweight but solid trailer and tows easily. We did opt for a weight distribution hitch with sway control, which further enhanced our towing experience. We also purchased the bike rack option and it is well placed at the front of the trailer for ease of use. Towing has been smooth and enjoyable.

So even with all of those check marks in the plus column, we wanted something that did not quite imitate every other trailer on the market. We wanted the modern “cool” factor and the Hummingbird delivered. From the color scheme and logos to the linear design and LED lighting it projects its modern features with style.

We were looking for an RV for the weekend getaway or the weeklong vacation and the Hummingbird was the perfect balance of size, function, and modern design. Our Boston Terrier even gave it a paws up. It is perfect for the couple with pets or the small family.  The Jayco engineering and production team produced a winner with the Hummingbird and has made our transition to the empty nest an exciting and fun experience.


This post was written by Paul Elmore of The Family Man Cook. You can follow his adventures on his blogFacebook and Instagram.

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