The Woman Behind America’s Best-Selling Travel Trailer

Meet the driving force behind America’s best-selling travel trailer—for 12 years running—Amy Duthie, Senior Director of Product Development, Jay Flight Travel Trailers.

Question: Where did you grow up?
Answer: I moved to Elkhart, Indiana from Southern California in middle school, so, I suppose most of my growing up occurred here even though I greatly miss the West Coast.

Q: As a mom and one of the most influential women in the RV industry, how do you maintain work/life balance?
A: Some days are easier than others, as I’m sure is the case for any family. I work very hard during the day and if work needs to come home with me, then I do it after the kids are in bed. Evenings are spent as a family. My husband and I have three young daughters. It’s important to us that they see how we manage our careers and they know at the end of day that family is the true priority and we are here for each other. My kids are aware of what my job is and they have traveled with me to some Jayco events. They think my job is “cool”, and that inspires me.

Q: Are you, or have you ever been, an RVer? If so, what did/do you enjoy about it?
A: I grew up RVing and these are some of the fondest memories for me. We did a lot of motorhome trips all over the western US growing up. We even camped in Las Vegas and many times at the California beaches. There were six of us in a motorhome back before slide rooms, so it was cozy to say the least! It’s a great way to travel as a family!

Q: What first drew you to a career in the RV industry?
A: I had an opportunity to work for a company doing interior design work for RVs early on in my career, while going to school. After some time, I went to work for one of my customers in sales and the rest is history.

Q: How long have you worked in the RV industry? How long at Jayco?
A: Since 1996. I worked for Jayco in the early 2000s for a brief time and re-joined the company five years ago in 2012.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about working at Jayco?
A: Jayco is the best company I’ve worked for in my career. The team here is first class.  Everyone understands the goal of having the best product in the industry and for customers to have a great experience camping in it.

Q: To what do you attribute Jay Flight’s run as the top selling travel trailer?
A: Jay Flight has been #1 since 2005. When the product was introduced in 2002, it was done with the desire to have the best floorplans, features and value that customers want. The industry has changed greatly in 15 years, but we have never stopped listening to what consumers are asking for.

Q: Do you have a favorite Jay Flight floorplan? If so, which and why?
A: I have several favorites! For me, though, the Jay Flight 32BHDS is a winner—I have three kids!

Q: What’s the most satisfying aspect of your job?
A: When I am working a retail show with a dealer and can interact directly with people who are buying a Jay Flight to use for their family camping adventures. Or, when I meet people through email that have our products. It’s very humbling when families choose us for their RV investment.

Q: What do you see as the “next big thing” in RV design/features?
A: Technology will continue to have a huge impact on RVs. There are more remote controls and gadgets than ever before. Also, as more millennials enter the market their design preferences will continue to have an impact on the product.

Q: How has women’s influence on the RV industry changed?
A: There are certainly more women in the industry now than when I started 20-plus years ago. I meet more women now in many roles at the manufacturer and dealer levels including sales and leadership roles.

Q: What advice would you give other professional women in the RV industry?
A: This doesn’t necessarily point to women or the RV industry specifically, but my advice is to continue to forge ahead if you find a field you have passion for. If you are lucky enough to find a career you love, then give it your all.


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