Dear Parents, You Deserve a Romantic RV Retreat

Is the hustle and bustle of everyday life getting you down? Are you worn out from mountains of laundry and the carpool rat race? If so, you deserve to refuel and relax. Instead of simply planning a date night for you and your spouse, how about planning a romantic RVing retreat? Couples with children often think of their RV as the basecamp for their family camping adventures, but with a little dreaming, your RV can provide an exquisite escape.

Guilt-free Getaway

If you are a parent, make your romantic retreat guilt-free by ensuring your children have a special experience of their own. Recently, our boys were away at summer camp, and we escaped for a little summer camping of our own. At times, I felt guilty having this much fun without them, but then I remembered how much fun they were having at camp and let my guilt melt away. Consider sending the kids to their grandparents’ house for a week or arranging sleepovers for them at their friends’ houses. Some couples even trade childcare weekends, making it possible for each to get away without hiring babysitters.

Location, Location, Location 

As with real estate, location is an important part of your romantic retreat. What landscapes make your heart race? Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a beautiful location. What does it look like? For me, it’s mountains. For you, it could be the forest, the beach, or an exciting urban locale. Luckily, campgrounds can be found in almost any environment. Plus, RVing can make your getaway even more affordable since campgrounds are much cheaper than hotels. If you don’t have the time to travel far, a hometown campground can feel worlds away. Plan a staycation and visit the nearby restaurants and attractions that you already love or haven’t yet explored.

Hone your Hobbies

As parents, we spend a lot of our time catering to our kids, letting our own hobbies fall to the wayside. A romantic retreat provides the perfect opportunity to engage in some “me-time.” Soak in the silence, and focus on the things that bring you joy. Take a longer hike than the kids can handle, or toss in a line from a riverbank. Painting, photography, reading, golfing, and more can be more enjoyable sans kids. Sure, hanging in a hammock or visiting the spa counts!

Amp up the Menu

When camping with kids, mealtime can be stressful in small spaces. “Cheap” and “easy” are the defining adjectives for our family camping menu. However, when you are on a romantic retreat, your menu no longer needs to be kid-friendly. Indulge in pricier ingredients or more exotic cuisines. Having your meal with a beautiful view tops off the romantic culinary experience.

The Cherry on Top

If you have ever watched a romantic movie, you know there are some experiences that just exude amore. Recently, my husband and I watched the sun set from a perch overlooking a mountain landscape. The birds chirped and a soft desert breeze blew as the sky above us exploded in color. We couldn’t have imagined a more picture-perfect ending to our retreat. Look for an opportunity to do something that transports you from the everyday world. Ride to the top of a ferris wheel, watch the sun rise, or take a moonlit walk—whatever you do, make sure to find your own special moment.

With these retreat-planning tips in mind, you’ll soon be whisked away for your own romantic escapade, just you, your spouse, and your RV in tow. As parents, it is important to recharge our own batteries sometimes, and a little trip to the campground provides the perfect opportunity. Be the author of your own love story. Go ahead, you deserve it.

Kerri Cox writes about her family and RV travel at You can also follow their adventures on Twitter (@travelwithbirdy) and Instagram (@travelswithbirdy).

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