Ambitious goals. Powerful results.

At Jayco, we're proud to have one of the RV industry's top sustainability initiatives. We know as an industry leader, we have to continually set the bar for ourselves and our practices. We also know that a goal is nothing unless we take a step back to see if it's been accomplished. Click the icons below to see what kind of progress we're making. It's one of the many ways in which we're tracking progress — the very key to accountability.

Landfill free efforts

By relocating recycling bins, aggressively educating employees and working with suppliers to reduce packaging, we're doing our part to become landfill free.


With 13 production lines and numerous side departments, housed in more than 40 buildings, Jayco has seen significant strides in its recycling efforts. Several production facilities and assembly departments are as much as 98 percent landfill free.


Through ongoing efforts, Jayco plans to drastically reduce freshwater use in its facilities. Currently, Jayco uses recycled water in all of its quality control testing. Thanks to efforts like these, we conserved 9,997,000 gallons of water at Jayco, enough to fill 663 swimming pools.

Progress Report

Currently, Jayco uses recycled water in all of its quality control testing, including the water-intensive rain booth. Thanks to efforts like these, we conserved enough water to meet the daily fresh water needs for 133,293 Americans.


By re-using materials, improving packaging and working with suppliers to use more sustainable components, we've made an ongoing commitment to create partnerships that'll protect our planet.

Progress Report

Jayco continued to work with suppliers to reduce packaging and use returnable carts for products received


Jayco is committed to consumer less energy through facility upgrades and production process improvements.

Progress Report

As of December 2012, Jayco COMPLETED our goal of 40 percent energy reduction - a full year ahead of schedule! By completing this goal, Jayco reduced energy usage by 54,849,874 kilowatt hours and a total of 75,751,003 kilowatt hours since the launch of the EcoAdvantage initiatve.


By promoting our EcoAdvantage efforts, we hope to pave the way as a sustainability leader in the RV industry. Through dialogue, education and goals, we hope RV owners, suppliers and even competitors begin to recognize the importance these practices can have on the environment.

Progress Report

Jayco has partnered with the Middlebury Community School Corporation to help the school start and maintain a recycling program since the fall of 2013. Through this educational program and the EcoAdvantage website, Jayco hopes to continue this important conversation.


We've begun standardizing more processes to reduce energy use, increase efficiency and limit production waste. These initiatives will result in better products that are more energy-efficient and provide greater value to our customers.

Progress Report

Process teams have been established in all production facilities to initiate action plans working to standardize production processes, reduce waste and improve efficiency.


Jayco has committed itself to building lighter weight products for better fuel economy, so that our owners tread even more lightly on the planet during their adventures.

Progress Report

In the last few years, we have developed components and processes that have allowed us to reduce product weight on some product lines by as much as 30 percent, saving you money and easing your towing burden.