Eco-Friendly Packing Tips

Re-usable dinnerware: Oftentimes, when families go camping, they might find it easier to bring along disposable plates, napkins and silverware, but packing real dishes provides a greener solution for mealtime. With a full-featured Jayco kitchen that includes a sink, you can easily wash up after dinner. And when it comes to re-using items, consider saving plastic grocery store bags and re-using them as trashcan liners.

Lead-free fishing: If you like to fish during your camping trips, look into purchasing lead-free fishing equipment, like sinkers and circle hooks. The lead in some equipment is bad for the environment, and usually lead-free items don’t cost any more than your typical fishing necessities.

Natural fire starters: Before you head out on your camping trip, think ahead about packing for your campfire. If you have natural fire starters around your yard, like pine needles or dry grass, pack them up. This will eliminate the need to use fire starters that can hurt the environment. Also, make sure the wood you are using is from a fallen tree. Pre-cut wood takes its toll on our forests. And when it comes to cooking, heat up dinner the "natural way." Cooking over a campfire is a fun, eco-friendly way to cook dinner.