Recycle Wherever You Can

Most of us have good habits at home, but recycling on the road can be a challenge. With a little research and planning, you can help keep the environment (and your camper!) clean and clutter-free. Here are a few tips:

•   Many campsites offer separate recycling bins for plastics, cans, cardboard, etc. Take note of the recycling categories to assure proper use to the campground's system.

•   More and more highway rest areas are adding recycling bins. When you stop to take a break during your drive, keep your eyes peeled for bins located in the parking lot or inside the lobby.

•   Check out the information in park brochures about their recycling program. If you can't locate your recycling area, ask the campsite manager or staff personnel for directions.

•   If you find yourself at a campground that does not have designated recycling areas, use an extra garbage bag to separate the recyclables and take it with you to dispose of when you get home.