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Introducing the Garmin Infotainment System powered by Fusion, standard on nearly all 2018 Jayco motorhomes*!
The system doubles as both a customized RV routing navigator and a four-zone AM/FM/Bluetooth/USB entertainment system. It also features an easy-to-read 6-inch touchscreen display with a magnetic mount so it can easily be docked for navigation or undocked for remote planning. For added convenience, the dock features quick-access media control buttons for easy and safe adjustment while driving. When undocked, the system doubles as a wireless remote for the entertainment system. Thanks to the system's wireless connectivity, it can also be used for web browsing, email and other internet-connected applications. Connect any compatible Bluetooth smartphone or media device with the system for endless streaming of music and entertainment services with superior audio delivery. Multi-zone technology also allows independent control of audio in different areas of the motorhome, providing a customized listening experience to suit any occasion. 


*This system is currently not available on Redhawk.

Garmin Driving Mode


Driving Mode

An intuitive driving mode home screen is triggered when the tablet remote is docked, making it safe and simple to access important functions. Navigation, reversing camera, Bluetooth hands free calling and music are available in driving mode.

This mode also comes with a hands free function.  If a phone call comes in, the built-in handsfree calling function allows the user to stay focused while the integrated microphone and connected speakers make conversation flawless.






Garmin Mobile Mode


Mobile Mode

The Infotainment HUB is designed with a removable table remote front face that enables owners the freedom to access and navigate their entertainment from around the vehicle.


Access the full Android user interface when in mobile mode to utilize your apps such as the web browser, trip planner, video player, calendar, settings etc. 








Entertainment  Mode

Equipped with FUSION-Link the Infotainment HUB gives you full control of your entertainment experience right from your fingertips.

Independently control the audio in up to four different audio zones of your vehicle with Multi-Zone control. Zone naming is available for convenience and ease of use.

Audio Sources: Bluetooth, USB, AM/FM, AUX, iPhone, Android, SiriusXM**


**Requires a SiriusXM subscription and additional equipment



RV-Specific Information and Mapping

customer routing

Custom Routing

Custom camper routing for the size and weight of your motorhome.

road warning

Road Warnings

Road warnings for bridge heights, weight limits, sharp curves, steep grades and more.

real directions

Real Directions

Spoken directions that guide using recognizable landmarks and traffic lights.

Birds Eye Junction

Birds Eye Junction

Displays a birds eye view of upcoming junctions and uses brightly colored arrows to indicate your correct lane.

Photoreal junction

Photoreal Junction

Displays a realistic view of upcoming junctions and uses brightly colored arrows to indicate your correct lane.

Lane Guidance

Lane Guidance

Visual and spoken directions that provide lane specific information.

RV Directory

RV Directory

This comprehensive directory contains more than 9,000 locations with information about prices, opening times and more.

Elevation Profile

Elevation Profile

Shows elevation and possible steep grades along your route.

Up Ahead

Up Ahead

Shows campsites, food and fuel stations along your route.



Available now on nearly all Jayco motorhomes!

We're thrilled to be making this feature standard on nearly all of our 2018 motorhomes. For more information, contact your local Jayco Dealer!

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