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We all love camping, but we don’t love everything that comes with it. Emptying the holding tanks is one of those things. That’s why Jayco is excited to announce that the Thetford SaniCon Turbo 500 waste evacuation system is now exclusively offered on our fifth wheel products for model year 2017*, in addition to our Precept and Seneca motorhomes, which introduced the Thetford SaniCon Turbo 700 waste evacuation last year. What is the SaniCon Turbo 500 waste evacuation system? It’s an electric macerator pump that will greatly increase the ease and speed of emptying your tanks and eliminate the stink of the job. Watch this video to learn more!

*Pre-wire is standard as of May 16, 2016 and the full system is available as an option.


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Quick Facts

  • Pump can evacuate a 40-gallon tank of water in 50 seconds
  • Compact 1.5” diameter retractable hose extends to 21’
  • Rugged discharge nozzle fits six dump station inlet sizes, including a garden hose extension
  • Internal over-temperature protection protected pump
  • Removable, clear service panel
  • Sound level 70 db during operation one foot from the tank






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Available Now on all Jayco Fifth Wheels and select Motorhomes!

We're thrilled to be making this option available on all of these products. For more information, contact your local Jayco Dealer!


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