“While RVers may take notice of inventive interiors like Modern Farmhouse, interior design is just one piece of the much larger process behind improving Jayco RVs each year.” 

Stacy Stewart, Senior Designer

Reinventing RVs Over and Over Again

Three key teams inform this process: our nationwide network of dealers in conjunction with our sales team; dozens of in-house engineers; and our production line operators. Even if we’re looking at potentially adding just one small feature, there’s a true collaborative effort.

Step 1: While we welcome direct input from shoppers and Jayco RV owners alike, our sales force has a finger on the pulse of RVers—how they are using their units and which features, design elements and floorplans they enjoy most. The sales team acts as our eyes and ears in the field, from attending RV shows to visiting dealerships.

Step 2: The industry’s largest team of engineers examines how those ideas—and new ones of their own—make things more functional and how they may integrate into current or future models. Even relatively common changes go through rigorous testing.

Step 3: Last but not least, the production team must be confident they can execute the idea efficiently on the line, without sacrificing quality or function elsewhere on the unit.


Sample Material Approval Process

While the interior designs themselves are mold-breaking and beautiful, not just any material or fixture makes it to our units. When our designers select a new linoleum, for example, samples are turned over to the engineering team where they run a multitude of tests.

  • Temperature testing, to make certain there are no issues with cold-cracking or things of that nature.
  • Adhesive application, to make sure the product adheres properly.
  • Testing the durability.
  • Identifying the proper repair process for the linoleum.
  • Then and only then, once production is confident in the reliability of the product, will a change be signed off on and put into production.


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