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Managing gas mileage on an RV trip

Fuel expenses are part of the deal for RV owners. There are plenty of things you can do to keep gas spend low, especially when you own your RV.

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Top reasons to upgrade your RV

Whatever the reason, from downsizing to modernizing, RVers tend to own more than one RV in their lifetime. Here we’ll look at a few of the common reasons for buying a different RV and the variety of upgrades available.

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15 apps for your next RV trip

There are thousands of apps that can make any RV trip a little more convenient, more safe and more enjoyable. We look at some of the apps we think can add the most to your RV adventure.

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Download the Jayco Wingmate™ App Today

Jayco Wingmate™ is a user-friendly consumer app, designed not only for Jayco owners, but for anyone camping in an RV. The app features quick-start videos, Jayco RV owner’s manuals, maintenance checklists, how-to tutorials, trip and packing checklists, campsite considerations, an extensive glossary of RV terms, and more.

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