Class B Motorhomes

For the first time, we’re excited to offer Jayco quality, comfort and fun in a Class B motorhome. Easy to drive and store, the ideal size for couples or small families, the popularity of Class B campers is exploding for good reason.

2025 Comet

Starting at $144,300
Sleeps up to 2
Length 17' 10" - 17' 10"

2025 Swift

Starting at $171,300
Sleeps up to 2
Length 20' 11" - 20' 11"

2025 Solstice

Starting at $201,300
Sleeps up to 2
Length 22' 0" - 22' 0"

2024 Terrain

Sleeps up to 2
Length 19' 7" - 19' 7"

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Class B Motorhome?

Class B motorhomes, also called camper vans or conversion vans, are the smallest type of motorhome. Despite their compact size, they are ingeniously designed to provide ample space and comfort. With clever storage solutions, versatile amenities, and easy maneuverability, Class B motorhomes offer a cozy, practical travel experience for individuals and small families on the go.

What is the easiest RV to drive?

Class B RVs are generally considered the easiest to drive. Also called camper vans, these RVs are a similar size to a van or large SUV with built in kitchen and bathroom features. They range from 17 to 23 feet long, 7 feet wide and anywhere from 9 to 11 feet high. Class B RVs usually don't have issues with height clearances. Driving a Class B RV makes it more comfortable for individuals transitioning from regular vehicles since the length is similar to pickup trucks. They also offer improved maneuverability, making it easier to navigate through narrow streets, parking lots, and campgrounds. Additionally, Class B RVs often have better fuel efficiency and offer more convenient parking options compared to larger motorhomes.

Why buy a Class B RV?

Class B RVs combine the comforts of a motorhome with the drivability of an everyday driver. These van-like RVs are compact so they are easy to maneuver, park and store. Also called camper van or travel van, Class B RVs are simple to service and make accessing narrow roads and secluded campsites safer and easier. 

What is the difference between a Class B RV and conversion van?

Class B RV and conversion vans are both built on automotive van chassis and have very similar bodies sizes and shapes. Inside, they are very different. Conversion vans are ideal for transporting large groups; Class B RVs have amenities like bathrooms, beds, kitchens, tanks and power systems that make them comfortable for long road trips, overnights or off-grid camping.

Can you tow a car with a Class B RV?

Yes, most Class B RVs have some towing ability. With weight limits around 5,000 lbs., most can safely tow smaller, compact cars.

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