Class A Motorhomes

Traveling in coach has never felt this good. Jayco's line of Class A motorhomes delivers comfort and luxury. You will find our longstanding tradition of quality craftsmanship throughout all models.

2025 Alante

Starting at $176,918
Sleeps up to 8
Length 29' 11" - 32' 2"

2025 Precept

Starting at $201,818
Sleeps up to 9
Length 33' 0" - 38' 10"

2025 Precept Prestige

Starting at $240,225
Sleeps up to 9
Length 38' 2" - 38' 8"

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Class A and Class C motorhome?

Class A and Class C motorhomes are built on different chassis, giving them very different shapes. Class As are built on a bus or semi-truck platform, while Class Cs are built on a chassis that’s more like a box truck or large pickup. There is a lot of overlap between the classes, but Class A motorhomes are typically taller, wider, and longer than Class C RVs. Kitchens, bathrooms, common areas and bedrooms can be a little bigger and have room for more residential-style features.

The smaller footprint of a Class C has its perks, too. The Class C is often more comfortable for drivers. It also offers superior access and maneuverability in parks, urban environments, and parking lots.

Can I drive a Class A motorhome with a regular driver’s license?

No special license is needed to drive most Class A motorhomes, but each state has its own set of rules. Be sure to check them each time you visit a new area. At the moment, some states do have restrictions on driving vehicles weighing more than 26,000 lbs. or towing behind an RV.

Can Jayco Class A motorhomes be used in the winter?

Jayco Class A Motorhomes are great to extend your camping season. Jayco Motorhomes are typically built with holding tank heaters, ducted furnaces and generous insulation in the walls, floor and roof. No matter the RV brand, it is never recommended to camp in freezing temperatures. Be sure you understand how to protect your fluids and systems from the effects of freezing temperatures, as warranties do not cover damage from freezing.

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