10 Reasons Camping Makes for a Happier Family: Part Two

March 20, 2016

10 Reasons Camping Makes for a Happier Family: Part Two

If you missed part one of this two-post series, take a moment to read that article first, then come back and read part two.

Part one ended with the ways camping can help you unplug, be healthier, appreciate the world around you and even fuel kids’ imaginations. But, there’s even more to gain. So, what’s left? It has to do with longer-term positive implications, new skills and tips and tricks for a happier future.


6Your kids will learn useful skills for later in life

There’s a proven link between learning and camping—one that suggests children that camp tend to do better in school and live happier lives, according to a 2015 study. The skills that your child will learn as you help them build a fire or cook dinner in one pot will carry over to the classroom. These activities help kids learn how to problem-solve and interact without relying on technology to find all the answers. Better yet? It builds confidence in their abilities, too.


7It builds confidence

Outdoor adventures aren’t always a walk in the park. Weather doesn’t always cooperate, there are bugs or firewood could be wet. When your children learn to combat hardships, it fuels development and self-confidence in solving issues in all facets of their lives.


8It encourages teamwork

Great things happen when you and your family work together. Next trip, ask your kids, spouse or camping comrades to help set up for the evening. Teach kids how to build a fire or the importance of setting up a safe campsite. When you work with your kids, or fellow camping pals, all parties are either reminded or have the chance to learn about the importance of working together—on the campsite and off in the real world.


9It’s an unbeatable tradition

Camping is a fantastic tradition—something that your family and friends can look forward to over and over. Activities like singing campfire songs every night or finding new campgrounds to travel to every year turn into lasting memories that your family will eagerly look forward to repeating season after season or year after year. Plus, your children can share your traditions with their own family for generations to come.

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10It’s a great way to reconnect

Is there a friend or family member from whom you feel distant? Someone who you haven’t had the chance to sit down and talk with for a while? Your next camping trip might just be the perfect time to reconnect. Uninterrupted bonding time is worth its weight in gold.

Need some ideas for your next trip? Check out Jayco’s helpful hints here.


There’s something so special about immersing your family in wilderness. And the benefits of camping last a lifetime: experiences, memories and time spent just with family and friends. Next time you pile friends and family into your RV, head to a campsite and see if you agree.

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