6 RV Features Young Families are Loving

November 21, 2018

6 RV Features Young Families are Loving

Young people are embracing the RV lifestyle like never before. They’re realizing RVs are a great way to tap into the countless benefits of some analog relaxation, uninterrupted time together and good old-fashioned fresh air. We understand this and are building units that make finding those experiences as easy as possible. Here are just a few examples of designs and features that are appealing to younger travelers and families.

Easy-to-tow units

Large SUVs are a popular option for young families with third rows, space for sporting gear, and added safety there are a lot of reasons that make them a smart choice. One other reason is that there are now many different RV options that are towable by SUVs—some of the smaller trailers can be towed by standard-sized SUVs, even minivans. You can learn more about some easy-to-tow RVs here.

Off-the-grid features 

It’s true of just about everyone to some extent, but younger generations are especially inundated with digital information. Screen fatigue is a real thing and there are few better cures than getting off the grid and spending some time in nature. How are RV builders helping them do it? It’s with features like larger propane, water and waste tank capacities, storage, larger battery compartments, generators, solar options, and higher ground clearance. Each of these contribute to the ability to camp without hookups like those you’ll find at campgrounds.

Creatively comfortable sleeping arrangements

Larger RVs can sleep more than 10 people—bring all the friends! What’s just as exciting for growing families is that, thanks to smart design, many smaller trailers comfortably sleep more folks than it may appear. Even in lightweight trailers and shorter motorhomes, you’ll find floorplans with bunkhouses, Murphy beds, tri-fold sofas or hide-a-beds for just the right mix of flexibility and comfort.

Bluetooth ® connectivity

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone under 35 that doesn’t have a smartphone in their bag or pocket. Most of these devices are equipped with Bluetooth and RVs are adapting to accommodate the technology. Many speaker systems are now compatible with Bluetooth-capable mobile devices so parents and youngsters can have the music they want right when they want it—as they are now accustomed.

Stain guards

Spills, they’re almost inevitable, especially with little ones excitedly bouncing around. These minor mishaps don’t need to leave a lasting mark on your RV. Easy-to-clean vinyl flooring, seamless countertops (so crumbs and sugary drinks don’t get stuck) and carpets with stain guard are a few of features we’re building in to help prevent unsightly and deteriorating issues.

Modernized safety features

It goes without saying that safety is priority number one for families. RV builders are working hard to keep pace with some of the innovative advances we’ve seen in our everyday vehicles. For example, we’re building units prepped for, or with factory-installed, side view and backup cameras. Another trend is safety lighting. Many of our towable models are now equipped with the JaySMART™ (Safety Markers and Reverse Travel) lighting system. The system adds several external lights that more clearly signal driving intentions to fellow drivers and campground neighbors. You can see it in action or use our online demonstration tool here.

Family has always been important to us not only because we started as a family business, but also because we believe camping helps build stronger family bonds. You can learn more about the ideas that gave Jayco its start more than 50 years ago and the rest of our history here.

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