Best Half Ton RVs – Eagle HT Fifth Wheel

February 29, 2024

Best Half Ton RVs – Eagle HT Fifth Wheel

The prospect of towing an RV can seem daunting if not downright impossible with some of the vehicles we have in our garages. Before you go purchase a new vehicle to increase your tow capacity, consider purchasing an RV that offers all the bells and whistles but that can be towed by a half ton vehicle.

Enter the Eagle ½ Ton Towable Fifth Wheel. The best option for whatever type of half-ton vehicle you own.

The Eagle Half-Ton Fifth Wheel

When it comes to fifth wheels, don’t believe the myth that you have to have a ¾ ton diesel truck or bigger to tow a fifth wheel. The towing range of most half ton pickups is between 5,000 and 12,000 pounds, putting you in the clear with the Eagle Half-Ton Fifth Wheel. (Always refer to the specific tow capacity and weight limitations for your specific vehicle or truck).

The Eagle Half-Ton Fifth Wheel is built for comfortable towing behind a half-ton truck, featuring a shorter profile and lighter construction than the Eagle Fifth Wheel. Inside, the interior has been reimagined and upgraded, from the backsplashes to the shower door.

Depending on which floorplan you choose, the Eagle Half-Ton Fifth Wheel ranges in length from 29’2” to 37’4” and weight from 7,880 pounds to 10,120 pounds.

The  Eagle Half-Ton Fifth Wheel has an updated bathroom including a LED backlit medicine cabinet with custom-framed mirror, bathroom skylight and tile backsplash, blue LED nightlights and porcelain foot flush toilet.

The Eagle Half-Ton Fifth Wheel have an exclusive safety system, JaySMART™, that adds several tow vehicle-controlled exterior lights to indicate turning, braking, reverse travel and hazard situations.

The benefits of a half-ton RV model are many, and to get the best of a half-ton model you can’t go wrong with the Eagle Half-Ton Fifth Wheel.

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