Best RVs For Off-Grid Camping - Jayco Solar Prepped RVs

February 29, 2024

Best RVs For Off-Grid Camping - Jayco Solar Prepped RVs

When the recent boom in camping resulted in crowded campgrounds, people started to look for new places and ways to camp, without having to sacrifice all the comforts. State parks, National Forest land and more off-the-beaten-path camping emerged. Often, the best camping spots aren’t even on a path at all.   

Don’t let the road dictate your travels. Own your adventure with Jayco’s off-grid solar packages designed to take you wherever your wheels will take you, not necessarily where the road will. Choose from four different off-grid Overlander solar packages depending on your camping needs.

Overlander 1

The Overlander 1 solar package features a 200W Solar Panel and 30AMP Digital PWM Solar Controller. The package is available on Jay Flight Products and Jay Feather Products.


Overlander 2

The Overlander 2 solar package has two 200W Solar Panels, a 30AMP MPPT RV-C Solar Controller and a 1800W RV-C Inverter. The package is available on Jay Feather products, Eagle HT Fifth WheelsEagle Ffith Wheels, North Point, Pinnacle, Seismic and Seismic Luxury Series. A Digital PWM Solar Controller and non RV-C Inverter are included on Jay Feather products.


Overlander 4

The Overlander 4 solar package includes four 200W Solar Panels, two 100AH Lithium self-heated batteries, a 60AMP MPPT Solar Controller, a 3000W Split Phase Inverter Charger and a DC/DC Power Converter. It has a soft start power saver bedroom and living room 15K AC with heat pump. 

Also included with the Overlander 4 package is a battery monitor, energy management system and heavy gauge steel battery enclosure. The roof is pre-wired for additional solar panels and optional generator capability (N/A on travel trailers). The Overlander 4 package is available on Eagle products, North Point, Pinnacle, Seismic and Seismic Luxury Series.

Overlander EXT

Since launching the Overlander EXT Modular Power Management package, Jayco has set the standard for factory-installed solar power systems. The Overlander II package was launched as an option for model year 2021, but the Overlander EXT package is a considerable step up in power, components and flexibility.

The new Overlander EXT features six Renogy 200 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panels (1200W total), 6-12V 100AH Lithium-Iron Phosphate Batteries (600AH, 7.2kWh of Stored Power), a 3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger with 50A Bypass, a 100A Charge Controller and a 600A Battery Monitor.  Also included is a DC to DC battery charger to allow charging from the tow vehicle while driving to your next destination.       

The Overlander EXT package offers some additional features including a two-year warranty, increased efficiency from a Turbo Air 2 12-Volt 13.5 BTU air conditioner, internally heated batteries to allow for extreme cold weather operation and easily accessible components. The package has a generator option for an additional modular power source. The factory-installed package has a lower cost than aftermarket installation.

All Jayco travel trailers, fifth wheels and toy haulers come either equipped with optional solar packages or solar prep.

Jayco is also paving the way for more off-grid adventures with lithium upgrades, specifically in their Class B offerings with the Jayco Swift Li. The Jayco Swift Li also utilizes a 48V lithium power system providing true off-grid performance.

Perhaps the most wonderful part of the Jayco Swift Li is that it also has all the same features as its non-lithium counterparts, including a comfortable ride and handling with E-Z Drive.

The bottom line: Your off-grid adventures just got a whole lot better with Jayco. 

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