Skip a Big Breakfast and Get Up Early When RVing

October 5, 2022

Skip a Big Breakfast and Get Up Early When RVing

Why You Should Skip a Big Breakfast and Get Up Early When Camping

Bacon, eggs, hash browns and sausage gravy all sound delicious when waking up late in the morning while camping. Roll out of your comfortable bed in your camper and leisurely fire up the grill for some delicious home cooking. Sounds great, but what if I told you that you should skip a big breakfast and get up early instead? Try bypassing the sizzle of all the tasty morning treats, and explore! These are the main reasons we skip a big breakfast for adventure.


All About the Light

If you enjoy beautiful sunrises, this section is for you! Anyone that is into photography knows it's all about lighting. Soft early morning light is "good," while harsh midday light is "bad." Alison and I always try to get up early to photograph with the best lighting for our images. We love to watch the sun slowly come up over a beautiful lake or mountain summit, and we prefer a feast for our eyes rather than our bellies. Usually, this means waking up before sunrise to get on a trail. It might be challenging at first, but the reward of amazing light far outweighs the early morning groggy feeling once you get going. Your pictures will look better and be more memorable than with the midday harsh lighting that ruins many shots. Just grab a mug of coffee, a granola bar and a piece of fruit and get out on the trail.


All Alone

If you have never been to Yellowstone National Park, and enjoyed the sun rising above beautiful Yellowstone Lake all by yourself, or experienced the tranquility of Bryce Canyon, without anyone else around, then you might want to think about getting up early while camping. Over the years, we have found peace and quiet even in some of the busiest parks. Skipping that big breakfast and getting up early will allow you to see some of the most beautiful places our country offers, without the hassle of fighting a crowd. Imagine watching a stunning geyser erupt or enjoying the views of a spectacular overlook with only your loved ones.

These experiences are even better without crowds!


Oh, Dear! Where are the Deer?

As you know, most animals get up early, and getting out of bed around sunrise will allow you to spot a wide variety of wildlife. Check near water sources or places rangers and local experts recommend the night before. Over the years, we have witnessed some incredible moments in the morning light with elk, deer, coyotes, foxes, bears and many other animals we probably would never have seen later in the day.

Think like an animal and get up early!


Low Clouds but High Spirits

Many times of the year, conditions might be just right for you to experience our favorite morning weather, fog. Getting up early to enjoy a peaceful morning on a lake covered with fog can be a very magical experience. Most of the time, you will be able to experience this when there is a bunch of water vapor in the air and the temperature drops below the dew point. With a good weather report, you can plan ahead and get up early enough to witness a nice, moody landscape.

There is just something special about a tranquil, foggy morning while camping.


No Need to Bake

As RVers that love to hike long distances, especially in the desert, this one is a no-brainer. The earlier we get up, the better our chance of completing our hikes, and this is definitely true in the summer months. We can avoid hiking in 100-degree weather by skipping the big breakfast and getting back to the camper before mid-morning. Also, being able to relax outside the RV in the early part of the morning by simply enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tea and a muffin, with the sound of the birds in the trees, while the sun is low on the horizon, can be a refreshing feeling. 

Save the big meal for later once you've enjoyed those early morning vibes.


Whole Day Ahead

When we get up extra early to enjoy the morning for an alpine hike, a canoeing experience or a photography adventure, our days feel longer, which is an excellent feeling while on vacation. Numerous times we have gone places and enjoyed several activities well before noon.

By skipping that big breakfast, you might find that your day is full of more activities. This doesn't mean you need to stay up all day. Get outside early, come back to your Jayco, cook that big breakfast and take a nice late morning nap. You'll have even more of your day to enjoy when you wake up. It's almost like having two days in one.

Hopefully, you'll try to skip a big breakfast and get up early once in a while when camping. We do just about every morning while camping and have found it very rewarding. We hope you will too!

Jason and Allison Takacs - The Takacs

The family of four Jason, Alison, Preston and Grayson are avid astronomy buffs. They enjoy gazing up at star-filled skies at incredible parks with the best star gazing sets. And by day, they transform into full throttle outdoor enthusiasts, passionate about hiking some of America's best trails. The Takacs family seeks out stunning scenes, interesting slot canyons, alpine lakes and every natural feature in-between. The Takacs started their journey as long-time tent campers, but began pursuing their dreams in true comfort in 2015 when they switched to RVing with Jayco, and they have never looked back!


Jayco Ambassador: Jayco Flight SLX

@alison.takacs on Instagram and @Jason.takacs on Instagram

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