How to Escape the Valentine's Day Madness

February 6, 2017

How to Escape the Valentine's Day Madness

Go camping of course! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner it’s no surprise our minds are stuck on fresh flowers, chocolate and everything love. Why not cancel your fancy dinner reservation and get a little more creative this year? Call your sitter, pack up your rig and celebrate Cupid’s holiday at the campground! We’ve compiled a list of tips and ideas that will help make your campground date night as intimate and romantic as it gets! You and your camping companion can thank us later...

  • Find a private campsite away from the crowd Lake Camping18 (2)

Give yourselves some privacy and isolate yourselves from all the noise. This will allow you to really focus on one another.

  • Play your favorite board games

Put up all technology and enjoy each other’s company over some good old fashioned fun! You won’t want to forget the popcorn and wine for this date idea!

  • Make a fire and get out the s’mores

Cuddle up close to the fire and roast some s’mores. Take turns telling spooky ghost stories and you may find yourself sitting extra close!

  • Go on a boat ride

Many campgrounds offer kayaks, canoes and paddle boats for rent, take advantage of this and get out on the water! Haven’t you seen The Notebook?

  • Set the mood

Be sure to pack your stereo, candles, blankets and your favorite bottle of wine! Don’t be afraid to bring your fancy glass ware too! The kids are at the sitters remember?


Photo Credit: Travels With Birdy

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