Explaining RVing to Friends and Family

May 2, 2018

Explaining RVing to Friends and Family

It can be hard for non-RVers to wrap their head around the lifestyle. To them, it may sound like a less familiar or comfortable way to achieve what could be accomplished with the help of planes, trains, automobiles and hotels. Understandable. But RV travel is oh-so worth it.

The grizzled RV vets out there have probably covered topics like these over the years, but for those of you reading this who have only recently bought a unit, or are considering your first, here are some relatable ideas you can use for helping those curious friends “get it.”

Time together is priceless.
The daily grind, hustle and bustle, whatever you call it, most can relate to the feeling that everyday life can get in the way of quality time with the folks they care most about. An RV provides the flexibility to get away together, truly escape the distractions on a whim, to experience simple, but out-of-the-ordinary things like an outdoor living room or cooking over a fire pit.

Seeing is believing.
Show off your toy. People aren’t always aware of all the exciting technology that’s packed into today’s RVs. Things like multiple TVs, powerful sound systems, LED lighting, monitoring cameras, even things RVers may take for granted like power awnings and HVAC systems will surprise the skeptic.

An even more powerful demonstration of the fun and comfort of RVing is inviting friends and family to hit the road with you for a weekend. This way they’ll get a front row seat to how happy RVing makes you. If you’re a planner, maybe share your seasonal schedule, and let folks know when they are welcome to join. If someone can’t join, be sure to show them all the beautiful photos and videos you captured.

The educational effect.
If you’re a parent or are chatting with other parents, this will certainly hit home. The creativity, independence and imagination that come with wandering a forest, skipping stones or helping cook dinner over the fire is undeniable. An RV trip is an opportunity for the littles ones to branch out and learn in ways that they may not be able to in the traditional classroom. Plus, the campground is a lot bigger than the playground!

The fresh air!
Everybody’s said it, “I’m going to get some air.” But did you know science backs up the notion that it is good for you, and actually helps you refresh? Well, it’s true. Oxygen-packed air (often thanks to lots of trees) boosts energy, reduces stress and even helps your immune system—and much of the same can be said for sunlight too. Your office-working and city-dwelling friends will surely relate when you explain why you’re spending next weekend outdoors.

Of course, everyone will have their own unique reasons for taking up the RV lifestyle, and intensity with which they do it. But these are a few topics just about everyone can relate to.

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