Jayco Luxury Fifth Wheels Complete With 5 Star Handling Package

September 12, 2017

Jayco Luxury Fifth Wheels Complete With 5 Star Handling Package

Quality and safety are our top priorities here at Jayco, which is why we’re excited to introduce the new for 2018 5 Star Handling Package found on our Luxury fifth wheels – North Point and Pinnacle. The 5 Star Handling package is a Jayco exclusive designed to deliver the ultimate experience when towing your fifth wheel.

The package hosts a powerful blend of high-end components to make pulling your Luxury fifth wheel a breeze including:

  • Dexter® Axles with Nev-R-Adjust® brakes: a benchmark in the trailer industry for more than 50 years, this 7,000 lb. axle comes complete with electric brakes that automatically adjust to proper clearances during towing giving you confidence when stopping.
  • Dexter Heavy-Duty Shackles with Wet Bolt Fasteners and Bronze Bushings: Every Jayco luxury fifth wheel features these heavy duty shackles (½ inch versus most other fifth wheels’ ¼ inch) that resist the wear-and-tear of towing. The wet bolts and bronze brushings allow for periodic lubrication that will extend the life of the product.
  • MORyde® Pin Box: instead of moving up and down causing jerking and chucking when towing like other fifth wheels, this pin box smooths out the ride by allowing back-and-forth and side-to-side movement, absorbing the energy from the fifth wheel to the truck.
  • MORyde® Rubberized Suspension System: the added rubberized suspension system better absorbs and isolates road shock by allowing the suspension to travel vertically 3 inches on North Point and 4 inches on Pinnacle.
  • Goodyear® Beast Tires: American-made and featuring the patented Durawall® technology that helps resist cuts and punctures, these Goodyear Beast Tires are engineered to help you tow with confidence.

In short, the 5 Star Handling package delivers the most-advanced luxury fifth wheel towing experience. And of course, all of our products are backed by our industry leading 2-year limited warranty. To learn more visit your local Jayco dealer.

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