Introducing the Jayco Wingmate™

Imagine having all the information you need on your Jayco RV in the palm of your hand. Jayco® is making that possible with the launch of The Jayco Wingmate™ app.

Jayco Wingmate is a user-friendly consumer app, designed not only for Jayco owners, but for anyone camping in an RV. The app features quick-start videos, maintenance checklists, how-to tutorials, trip and packing checklists, campsite considerations, Jayco® RV Owner’s Manuals, and an extensive glossary of RV terms, and more.

The app features a branded interface and content created by Jayco’s in-house marketing staff as well as content created by Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi of The RV Atlas, a Jayco collaborator for over five years. The menus, layout, and functionality of the app are easy to use and navigate while featuring quality and comprehensive information, which Jayco plans to expand and update continually.

















The Jayco Wingmate™ app is available now in the Apple® App Store® and the Google® Play App Store. Stop imagining the perfect app and download it today!

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