Meet The Tantsits

James Tantsits and his family are proud owners of a Jayco Greyhawk. We caught up with them to ask some questions about their experiences with their Jayco RV, some of their favorite memories and advice they would give to new RVers or those thinking of joining the lifestyle.

Which Jayco RV do you own?
2017 Jayco Greyhawk 31FS

Is this your first Jayco RV?
This is our first Jayco brand, but not first RV. We took delivery of this Jayco in June of 2016, but we purchased our first RV about seven years ago.

Who travels with you when you take your Jayco out?
Mostly my wife and two kids. There are a few times a year just my son and I take it across country to both Kentucky and Wisconsin for basketball tournaments. Occasionally, we bring our dog.

How do you typically travel – long trips or weekend getaways?
Two times a year, we take it over 1,400 miles round trip (from New Jersey to Kentucky and then again New Jersey to Wisconsin). One other time, we take it for a week or two vacation. Then mostly weekends in between that. We average around 30 nights a year or more.

Since owning your Jayco, what is your favorite memory, destination or trip?
We spent a week traveling from New Jersey to Williamsburg, VA., down to Augusta, GA, then back to New Jersey. I also enjoyed our father/son trips for basketball this past April and June. However, every year in August, we camp at a place called Knoebels in Elysburg, PA and that is probably the best week of the year. Great times in our Jayco.

What is your favorite thing about your Jayco?
The quality so far. We have had several brands of RVs and Jayco has been the best quality thus far.

What made you choose Jayco?
The quality vs. the price. We walked in several other models before settling on our Jayco and felt this was put together the best.

What is the one thing you won’t leave home without?
Our Blackstone griddle. We won’t cook without it.

If someone is on the fence about purchasing a Jayco, (or an RV) what would you tell them?
Buy Jayco for the quality. Every RV will have its issues, but not many are made like Jayco. Plus, a two-year warranty on an RV is better than the one-year by other manufacturers.

Anything else you’d like to share with Jayco Journal readers?
If I can offer a little advice…Don’t rush! Take it easy when traveling. It’s not a race. Another tip is always check tire pressure and make sure the tires have the appropriate air for the load you are putting on them.

Our favorite thing to eat is camper pies. We use flour tortillas, add cream cheese, pie filling (pick your favorite), and “bake” using a pie iron.

Last but not least, our favorite thing about RVing is we get our kids out in nature, away from video games, and spend quality family time. We talk around the campfire and enjoy each other’s company. With life’s busy schedule, we all need to decompress and get away from the hectic life and just relax and spend quality time together.

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