Saving Dough on the Road: Tips for Affordable Travel

An RV trip can be an inexpensive getaway or a budget-busting retreat, depending on the choices you make along the way. Can you have a swoon-worthy getaway on a budget? Definitely! Follow these tips to save some dough on the road.

Campground Savings

Choosing the right campground is one of the best ways to save money. State parks and national parks can cost less per night than their private campground counterparts. However, look at the whole package when making your selection. If the more expensive campground offers amenities (such as recreational opportunities or a free breakfast) that your family will use, it might be worth the extra cost. Or, consider splitting your time between more expensive and less expensive parks. Spend a few days at a cheaper park, and then splurge at a dreamy resort.

Managing Meals

Food is one of the most expensive travel expenditures, but it doesn’t have to be. When you’re carrying your kitchen with you, there’s no reason not to use it as much as possible. Our goal is to eat at least two home-prepared meals a day while on vacation. If you’ll be out exploring all day, pack a picnic to take along. Taking a bag of snacks into your destination helps you resist the pricier options.

Give Kids a Budget

Kids are notorious for begging for goodies in camp stores, theme parks, and gift shops. Avoid the nag by giving your children a budget of their own for the entire trip. If a child knows they have $30 to spend for the entire week, that $28 giant teddy bear suddenly is less appealing. You will teach your children important life skills and ease your own expenses. It’s a win-win situation!

An Accountable Agenda

Some experiences and attractions cost more than other. If you are traveling on a budget, look for low-cost and free attractions. State parks and national parks offer the most bang for the buck. There’s nothing greater than the great outdoors for free entertainment. If you’ll be in a destination with several high-ticket offerings, don’t feel like you have to do them all. Select one or two, and balance them with free or low-cost options for the rest of your stay. Don’t forget how much fun can be enjoyed without even leaving the campground.

Keeping an eye on your wallet doesn’t have to take away from the fun of your RV vacation. Easing your expenses with these simple tips leaves more money for the items that are worth the splurge.


This post was written by Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi for the RV Family Travel Atlas syndicated blog. You can follow their adventures on their blogFacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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