5 Reasons to Make a Toy Hauler Your First RV

Let’s start with the basics. A toy hauler is a towable RV that combines ample living space up front with a versatile garage area in the rear. In large part because you can use the garage space for a wide variety of purposes and still travel comfortably, these RVs appeal to a wider range of people than any other type of unit.

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Here are five reasons a toy hauler may be the right first RV for you.

  1. You want more chances to play with your favorite toys. Paddle boards, all-terrain vehicles, kayaks, bikes, you name it, if you’re out for action, a toy hauler may be the ideal first RV for you. It’s an outdoor lover’s dream!
  2. You work on the road. Whether you take advantage of the increasingly connected world we live in, sell your artistic creations or you’re a performer, you’ll organize and transport your goods and gear with ease while traveling in comfort.
  3. You’re a passionate collector or antique lover. If you love uncovering hidden gems, adding to your library of sports memorabilia or just enjoy a good flea market, you know the best pathway to discovery is broadening your hunt. In a way, a toy hauler could be the most valuable addition to your collection yet, because you’ll be able to comfortably store and organize your finds—all shapes and sizes—as you go.
  4. Toy Haulers have serious RV-cool. Bold graphics, creative interiors and automotive-bonded front caps are just the start. Few other RVs boast features like walkout patios, synched indoor/outdoor speakers and multi-colored, mobile app-controlled lighting with ground effects.
  5. You like to travel or camp with a big group. When we say the garage area is versatile, we mean it. All Jayco toy hauler garages, for example, are not only built rugged with features like ramp doors, non-skid flooring and D-rings mounted to the frame, but also seating that folds down for lounging or sleeping. Some garages even include rear decks, TVs and a separate bathroom.

Explore the Jayco lineup to learn more about what toy haulers have to offer.

The value-packed Talon was named one of RV Business’ top debuts of 2018.

The Octane lineup included one of RV News’ “Best of Show” winners from the 2017 industry show, and the Octane Super Lite, with floorplans that weigh in under 4,500 lbs., was named “Best of Show.”

The Seismic simply has all the bells and whistles.

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