Finding the RV You’ll Love Season after Season


Whether it’s buying a stock when it appears to be at its lowest, investing in property in the neighborhood everyone’s talking about or buying a new car, making investment decisions can be challenging. It’s crucial to do your homework and think through your decision prior to signing on the dotted line. Finding the RV that will be your ticket to fun for years to come is no different.

Making the right choices in a few key areas today will reap the long-term benefit of countless getaways you, your friends and family won’t soon forget. Let’s take a look at some of these areas that, when considered carefully, have RV owners loving their unit long after the maiden voyage.

Floorplan Selection

Selecting the right floorplan is critical to the overall enjoyment of an RV. First and foremost, take into account the type of camping you enjoy most; whether you’ll be making weekend adventures or longer hauls, and the activities that fill your trips will help determine your storage needs, or if you’ll want a toy hauler. Then, think about who will be traveling in the unit most often–you and your spouse, other couples, the kids and their friends? Is it important that the kids have their own area? Answers to questions like these will help you decide on sleeping capacity. Don’t forget the kitchen. If you prefer to cook inside, out or fireside will determine your culinary needs. Once you’ve settled on these things, see as many floorplans as possible to get a clearer picture of how these factors fit with the layout today and down the road.

Preparation for Pickup

Taking delivery of a new RV is about as exciting as it gets. But, there’s just a little more work to be done before you ride off with your new toy. Be sure to maximize your time at the dealership when you pick up your RV – this is a great opportunity to ask all the questions you have and to learn how all the features and gadgets work on your RV. Consider making a checklist of everything you want to cover before taking full possession of your unit. Make the most of the time with your dealer. Enjoy the pickup experience, just be sure to pay attention to the small-but-important details of your investment.

Considering All Your Options

Regardless of your budget or camping style, there’s something perfect for you if you look hard enough. Speaking with another RVer or spending an extra hour online doing research is all worth it when you find your ideal RV. The tools and resources are available out there – manufacturer websites, 360-degree virtual tours (available on product pages for several Jayco models), and digital product brochures – and are easily accessible if you take the time to find them. RV shows also provide a great one-stop shop for narrowing your search, comparing models, even starting to build relationships with local dealers who may be able to help as you move through the buying process.

Establishing and Sticking to Priorities

While modern RVs are chock full of exciting technology, updated appliances and chic décor, a great deal of importance and attention should be paid to the foundation of a unit. By foundation we mean the chassis or frame, roof, walls and insulation, flooring, suspension, hitch components—all the stuff that may not catch your eye. While not flashy, those are the factors that translate to less maintenance, fewer repairs, more durability and higher resale value. Evaluate the quality of the core construction, then go from there.

Post-Purchase Support

RV warranties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some warranties are contracted to third-party servicers or dealers. Others bundle dozens of separate supplier component warranties together, each with different terms, conditions and points of contact. Most are only good for one camping season. Read your warranty and discuss with your dealer.

Here at Jayco we’re confident we have one of the best warranties in the business. Learn more about our two-year manufacturer’s limited warranty here.

On-the-Road Performance

As you shop, your mind may fixate on sunsets, lakeside fires or mountain hikes, but you’ve got to get there first. The way RVs feel on the road can vary significantly. To avoid hearing “are we there yet?!” any more than you need to, ask about suspension, hitch support, vibration dampening, and most important of all, take a test drive if you’re considering a motorized unit.

Check out Jayco’s ultimate driving experience, JRide, a powerful blend of precise handling and renowned stability

For more help in your regret-free search for the perfect RV, click here.

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