Top RV Destinations to Beat the Summer Heat

Ah, the joys of summer. There’s nothing like sweating under a glaring sun to make you truly forget what’s so great about the great outdoors. While some travelers embrace hot sunny rays, others feel like drooping when the mercury rises.

If you’d like to beat the summer heat, check out these destinations for relief:

Gain Some Altitude

“The mountains are calling, and I must go,” John Muir famously said. Perhaps he, too, was looking for reprieve from summer heat. Thanks to the low pressure found at high altitudes, mountains and hills are cooler than the lands below. You might lose as much as 5 degrees for every 1000 feet you gain in altitude.

America has some majestic peaks to pick from. Check out Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park, Wyoming’s Grand Tetons National Park, or New York’s Adirondacks Park for amazing scenery and cool summer breezes.

Gain Some Latitude

While not universally true, northern states are cooler than southern states in the summertime. The equator takes the most direct hit of the sun’s rays, while the angled rays lead to more moderate temperatures the farther you go away from the equator.

With temperatures averaging in the high 70s in July, Acadia National Park is a superb getaway in northern Maine. In the Midwest, Wisconsin’s Door County is a scenic choice.

Go Coastal

What could be better than epic ocean views and moderate summer temps? How about finding an energetic city to explore as well. Coastal towns are usually cooler in the summer, thanks to their waterside locations. Cool breezes blow off the cool waters, which heat more slowly than land does.

Take a tour of the Pacific Northwest with stops in Seattle and Portland or visit California’s stunning Pacific Coast for epic scenery and moderate temperatures.

Get Wet!

There’s nothing quite like taking a cold splash on a hot day. No matter where you travel, you can find waterways to enjoy. Just the sound of a rippling creek or lapping ocean waves can be enough to offer relief on a hot summer day.

The white sand beaches and jewel-toned waters of Florida’s Emerald Coast transport you to the tropics. Arizona’s Colorado River provides exhilarating rafting adventures. Head to California’s Lake Tahoe or New York’s Lake George for divine scenery.

Whether you love the mountains or the ocean, whether you prefer to go north or take a cool splash, somewhere out there, you will find a camping location that will be the perfect summertime haven. Instead of wilting in the summer heat, pack up and head to one of these destinations!


This post was written by Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi for the RV Family Travel Atlas syndicated blog. You can follow their adventures on their blogFacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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