User Road Test: The First 1,000 Miles

June 22, 2016

User Road Test: The First 1,000 Miles


What made you decide to buy an RV?

As we looked forward to early retirement, we were thinking more and more about what we wanted to do in our "golden years".  We didn't want to spend them sitting in front of a television set, and the hobby we had most enjoyed as a couple over the years was traveling.  Greg had grown up in a large, tent- camping family, but I didn't share his enthusiasm for roughing it. So imagine his surprise, when I suggested we consider RVing.

In our search for a new and exciting hobby, I had begun to read blogs by RVers.  Their lifestyle didn't sound at all like the tent camping I had experienced years ago.  But as excited as Greg was about the idea, neither of us knew anything about RVs.  What if we bought one and hated it?  We are serious researchers when we undertake a project. As part of our research we attended a week-long rally in Sevierville, Tennessee, hosted by Linda and Howard Payne of RV Dreams.  As newbies, we continue to find their online journal a terrific source of information.

We returned home more excited than ever to take the plunge.  Our next decision would be what kind of RV would best suit us.

IMG_1838What Jayco unit do you currently own? 

Our RV is a 2016 Class C Jayco Redhawk, Model 29XK.

How many people normally go on your trips (pets count too)? 

The two of us travel with our nine-year-old poodle Henri.

How did you use your Jayco in the first 1,000 miles?

You've probably picked up that we don't rush into too many things.  So it was with RVing. We decided our first few trips would be to places within four hours of our home where we could learn how to set up, break down, and fully use all the features our Jayco offers.  And because we haven't rushed into a decision on what type of vehicle we prefer to tow, our first trips have been without a dinghy to RV parks we consider destinations where we won't feel trapped without another vehicle.

Where did you go?

So far, we've picked four excellent places that we recommend to others.

  • The Mountain Stream RV Park in Marion, NC, is aptly described as "The prettiest little park this side of Heaven" and offers 40 sites, most on a mountain stream.
  • Cardinal Ridge Farm RV & B in Franklin, NC, is a fawn rescue where deer routinely romp around only seven RV sites.
  • Anchor Down RV Resort in Dandridge, TN, has some 175 sites located on picturesque Lake Douglas with the Great Smoky Mountains as a back drop. Many of the sites offer huge stone fire places, which we thoroughly enjoyed.
  • James Island County Park is near Charleston, SC. The overall park is more than 600 acres and includes a 125-site campground and endless beauty and amenities for visitors.

IMG_2360 (00000002)What was your favorite memory from the first 1,000 miles?

While it's impossible to choose one memory, without a doubt our favorite memories are of the people we've met.  RVers are a special breed of people from backgrounds as diverse as the population of this great country.  There is always someone willing to help if there is a problem. We've had the pleasure of visiting with brand new grandparents who have traveled across the country to welcome their newest family members, and we've shared dinner and a campfire with folks in a travel club who welcomed us as one of their group. Incidentally, our introduction to that group was made when one of the members asked how we were enjoying our Jayco. He and his wife invited us to peek inside their beautiful Class A Jayco. And we'll never forget the owners of Cardinal Ridge, Ken and Kathy Hayes, who took a full day from their significant duties to give us a personal tour of their area, complete with waterfalls we could walk and drive under.

What is your favorite feature about your Jayco RV?

Its efficient layout provides everything we need to live comfortably in a very small space.

How did you decide to buy a Jayco?

We purchased our Jayco at a RV Show last year from Tampa RV Sales. We were impressed with the entire staff from owners to sales reps to the technicians who explained how to maintain our RV. They listened to us and showed us a number of RVs that would meet our needs.  But it was the quality, reputation and outstanding warranty that made Jayco the best choice for us.

Do you have any tips for new RVers?

Do your research and take advantage of every opportunity to learn from experienced RVers, most of whom are anxious to share lessons they've learned the hard way.  If possible, attend a rally and actively participate.

Would you recommend Jayco to your friends and our blog readers?

We absolutely would and do recommend Jayco to anyone looking for a RV.


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