What a Warranty Says About an RV

May 30, 2019

What a Warranty Says About an RV


If you’re considering or are about to purchase a new RV, visions of campfires, gooey smores, colorful sunsets and quality time with friends and family are probably already swirling through your head. It’s understandable how warranty fine print may give way to the anticipation of the maiden voyage in your new RV.

Here’s the thing: A warranty is really important—and not just because of the support you get. The completeness, duration and who offers the warranty are direct indicators of the quality of an RV’s construction.

Aside from the components covered directly by suppliers, our RVs are protected by a warranty that comes directly from us—the people who build your RV—and is serviced by our dedicated and expertly trained dealers. Each unit is protected against defects in material and workmanship to the original purchaser starting on the day of purchase.

How Long You’re Covered

The Jayco limited warranty covers you for 24 months, or 24,000 miles for motorized products, whichever comes first. That’s 730 days, two full camping seasons. No matter how you slice it, it’s coverage that lasts twice as long as the industry standard.

And the support from Jayco doesn’t end there! Starting with select 2020 models, a third year of structural warranty coverage is also included, standard.* That’s right, you get the industry’s best manufacturer’s warranty and then some when you buy a Jayco!

Why Jayco Can Offer Such a Strong Warranty

How can we go to such great lengths to give RVers peace of mind? Roofs that withstand up to 4,500 pounds, laminated walls bonded for 16 minutes at 144 tons of pressure,  the expert craftsmen in our plants, a rigorous Quality Assurance Testing program and the know-how of our dealers: reasons like these, and many others give us the confidence to offer our customers the protection we do, the exclusive two-year warranty, the best and most comprehensive in the industry, plus a three-year structural warranty on select models.*

There’s another, more subtle reason we can provide a warranty that’s twice as long as the competitions’: claims give our engineers more visibility to which features are used most and how they’re performing in real-world situations over more than just one season. Loyal Jayco customers have grown accustomed to it, and shoppers can rest assured that this data is used to help improve our RVs each and every new model year.

How to Get Warranty Service on a Jayco RV

As you start hitting the road in your Jayco, you can rest assured our network of highly trained Jayco dealers and service professionals can help with any claims. Here are a few steps you should take to get your RV serviced:

  1. Notify an authorized dealer of Jayco of the substantial defect in material or workmanship attributable to Jayco, within the warranty coverage period designated.
  1. Provide the notification as soon as possible and within your 2-year limited warranty timeframe if you discover the substantial defect in material or workmanship attributable to Jayco.
  2. Promptly schedule an appointment with and take the RV to an authorized dealer of Jayco, or Jayco, for repairs.

Everything you will need to know about Jayco warranty coverage can be found in each unit’s Owner’s Manual, including a checklist of the maintenance needed to maintain the limited warranty. Digital versions can be found here.

In closing, there’s a reason you see our warranty front and center everywhere from the homepage of our website to our product literature: because it’s the best. And we’re proud to be able to offer it in addition to 3-year structural coverage*. Go ahead and compare how other manufacturers present their warranties. We think what you’ll find speaks volumes too.



*Does not apply to Jayco Class B Motorhomes; these models are excluded 

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