Working From an RV: Top Advice and Resources

March 8, 2021

Working From an RV: Top Advice and Resources


Working remotely is as popular as ever and trends suggest it could stick around for many workers. Many are also discovering that this newfound flexibility doesn’t need to be restricted to the den, basement or couch; working remotely really can mean working from just about anywhere.

There may be no better way to work, and truly be remote, than with an RV. Opening up the laptop lakeside, with a mountain view or taking a call in the woods are not all that unusual scenarios nowadays—and it’s easier than most think. If you’re an RVer considering more remote working or are looking for a more interesting way to “work from home,” here’s some advice for working comfortably from an RV.

Consider your workstation

Sure, working in a lounge chair next to the remnants of last night’s fire is an option, but there will be times when concentration, quiet (and a professional-looking background) are a must. Consider if dinettes or foldout tables will provide enough space and comfort for working. If you’re in shopping mode, you’ll want to look for floorplans with workspace options. We don’t recommend working in the same spot you sleep, it’s not great for focus or healthy sleep.

Lighting and sound can play a big role in a comfortable and productive workspace. You may want to explore circle, LED or smart lighting to improve your video conference appearance or improve your mood. Consider whether you want to hear the sound of camp, prefer noise-canceling headphones or if a Bluetooth speaker does the job while you work.

Don’t skimp on Wi-Fi

An internet connection is nothing short of a must for many remote workers. The truth is, campgrounds don’t all have the most reliable connections. You’ll want to do your due diligence. Call ahead and read reviews; is a nice resource for reviews and cell phone data for public and private parks.

You’ll also want to gear up as best you can, be prepared—budgeting extra for internet is easily made up for by other tradeoffs of remote RV working. It’s a good idea to use different cell phone carriers for different users and/or devices, whether it’s a hotspot on one and a cell phone on another. This gives you more access to the grid, no matter where you are, and backup should one go down. Wi-Fi extenders are another way to solidify your connection at camp. Our Eagle HT fifth wheel, Eagle HT travel trailer, Eagle fifth wheel, and Eagle travel trailer 2021 floorplans are prepped for Wi-Fi. And the Pinnacle, North Point, Seismic, Embark and Swift 2021 floorplans are available with a Wi-Fi extender.


Focus on travel one day, work the other

Combining travel and workdays can be a lot to handle, both are their own kinds of stress. It’s best to plan your travels on days when you aren’t working. You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy each and every destination when you’re just steps away from so much so there is no pressure to pack it all in.

Where to work

If you want to take your remote working lifestyle to the next level, there are all kinds of options for finding work on the road as you go. More and more are doing it, and you can find their stories across YouTube and personal blogs. Workamping is a popular approach where you can trade a place to park and some other basic accommodations for working on the property. If you find a place you want to stay for a while, it never hurts to ask the campground if they need any help. Many are willing to work out an arrangement.

For those interested in the lifestyle or finding work, check out Another resource,, matches travelers with work at unique places, from national parks to ski resorts, dude ranches to summer camps, and everything in between.

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