Jayco: Over 50 Years of Proven Experience

June 25, 2024

Jayco: Over 50 Years of Proven Experience

When it comes to choosing an RV, it’s easy to get caught up in the buzz around new
manufacturers, but buying an unproven commodity can lead to trouble down the road.
In the RV industry, it’s not uncommon for new companies often emerge with a lot of
hype, only to quickly disappear, leaving their customers without any support and tanking
the resale value of their purchase.

Savvy RV buyers know the importance of a manufacturer with a long term track record.
They know that it’s not about the flashy sales pitch—it’s about the ongoing support and
the trust that comes with a well-established brand.

Jayco has been proven for more than 55 years to be one of the most respected
companies in the industry. We’re committed to standing behind our industry-leading
warranty, providing exceptional customer service and maintaining an extensive dealer
and service network. And when the time comes to upgrade or sell, you'll find that your
investment in a Jayco RV continues to pay off.

The RV Connoisseur’s Choice

There’s a reason why Jayco remains the choice of discerning RV enthusiasts who
demand the best. They’ll be the first to tell you that the Jayco legacy of excellence has
continued to mature over the decades. Founded in 1968, every Jayco RV that is built
offers the quality craftsmanship, innovative design and reliability that only time-tested
expertise can provide.

Jayco RVs are constructed using the highest-quality materials and superior engineering.
From the frame to the interior finishes, every detail is carefully considered to provide
durability, longevity, beauty and well-rounded functionality to support all kinds of RV
lifestyles. Traveling in a Jayco RV is an experience to be savored. With spacious
interiors, elegant finishes and innovative features, Jayco ensures that every trip is a joy.

Unmatched Support

Owning a Jayco RV comes with the unmatched support of a dedicated service network.
Jayco’s service centers and dealerships are staffed with experienced Jayco-certified
technicians who provide top-notch care for your RV. Whether you need routine
maintenance, repairs or expert advice, Jayco’s qualified dealer service network can help
keep your RV in peak condition, protecting your investment, keeping you safe and living
your best RV life.

Experience Matters

Over 50 years of dedication to excellence, quality and innovation has earned Jayco a
reputation as one of the most reliable and recognized RV brands on the market. Take
your next adventure with Jayco, a name you can trust, now and always

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