Best RV for Families

October 5, 2022

Best RV for Families

Best RV for Families

Investing in the best RV for your family is an exciting decision. You’ll explore different floorplans, layouts and amenities. Can you imagine your family occupying any of them, not just today, but in the future? The wheels and chassis will carry you down the road. The walls and roof will shelter you from the elements wherever you lay down your heads. You’ll laugh in the kitchen, argue over directions from the chairs and dream in the beds.  Yes, choosing between recreational vehicles is a lot like shopping for a house—because what you’re buying, is a home.

But with all that at stake, it’s easy to get lost in the browsing process. Jayco has created this guide to the best RVs for families so you can walk into the dealership knowing what you want.

What is a Good Family RV?

A good RV for your family is one that aligns with the lifestyle you want to live on the road. Here are some questions to answer to help focus your RV search.

Questions About Your Travel

  • What is the longest you plan to travel in the RV? Will you be making weekend trips, week-long excursions or maybe taking to the road full-time? Whether you have a warranty for full time RV use could play a role in how you use the RV as well. 
  • Do you envision taking the RV to one destination and parking? Moving each day to a new campground? Or a little of both?
  • Speaking of campgrounds - where do you want to take the RV? National and state parks, private campgrounds or Kampgrounds of America® (KOA)?
  • Do you want to tow the RV or would you prefer a motorhome you drive from a cab?

These questions are important to help you pinpoint the must-haves and the nice-to-haves. Large RVs are beautiful and can come with stunning, spacious layouts. Small RVs are economical and can be equally or even more luxurious than larger vehicles, but you might quickly realize it’s not enough space after the first week of a long trip.

In short, if you go to a dealership without your travel plans in mind, you can easily be impressed by a model that doesn’t end up meeting your needs.

Questions About Your Family

  • Will you need to work or attend school remotely from the RV?
  • How many people do you need to house? Will kids ever bring friends along?
  • As the family ages, will you want more amenities?
  • Will there be room for everyone to stow clothes and possessions?

These answers also help you focus on the needs specific to your family. If you have young kids, having everyone play in the common space and share a few bunk beds might be part of the fun. As they grow into teenagers, that setup may no longer be relaxing for everyone. In part, this means you can invest in your first family RV with plans to upgrade in the future once you’ve learned what you like and want.

List of Best Family RVs

With your needs and wants in mind, it’s time to start shopping. As you’re researching what is the most reliable brand of RV we are confident you will come across reviews and stories about Jayco’s recreational vehicles. Since 1968 we have been making it safer, easier and more comfortable for families to enjoy life on the road—and in the wild. All our American-made RVs are built right at our headquarters in Indiana, and we back up our quality work with the industry’s best warranty. Here are some of the vehicles in our lineup we hope you’ll consider.

Best Travel Trailer for Family: Jay Flight Travel Trailer

The Jay Flight Travel Trailer has been in production since 2001, making it one of the most trusted and reliable travel trailers on the road. Our family-friendly floorplans sleep anywhere from 5 to 14 people depending on the length and weight of the travel trailer you can tow with your van or truck. Explore Jay Flight Travel Trailer floorplans and amenities.

Best Small RV for Family: Jayco Jay Feather 

This small towable camper packs an incredible number of amenities into each innovative floorplan. With models ranging from 29 feet to 36 feet, there’s a Jay Feather for every family. If you want small and simple, you can sleep up to 6 people in our 24RL floorplan. Those looking for a longer lap of luxury can house up to 10 people in the 30QB floorplan. With 9 floorplans total, the Jayco Jay Feather is the best small RV for families because you have options to make it your own. Explore Jay Feather floorplans and amenities.

Best Small RV Honorable Mention: Eagle HT Fifth Wheel

The Eagle HT Fifth Wheel can sleep as many as 6 people in a 29-foot trailer, making this a compact option to bring the whole family along. Add-ons like a solar package, extreme weather package, tinted windows, and wireless outdoor observation cameras allow you to customize this and other Jayco RVs to meet your exact needs. These RVs are affordable without compromising on luxury features.

Explore Eagle HT Fifth Wheel floorplans and amenities.

Best Class C RV for Family: Jayco Redhawk

The Jayco Redhawk is one of the most popular and reliable Class C motorhomes on the road. We are constantly innovating the safety and technology features in these RVs with each new model to deliver the best possible value without breaking the family budget. The Redhawk delivers exceptional utility for each dollar. The bunks in the Redhawk are each rated for a minimum of 300lb and overhead bunks can hold as much as 750lb! On the outside, our seamless front cap, Stronghold VBL® lamination and JRide™ engineering ensure safety, stability and protection from the elements.

Explore Jayco Redhawk floorplans and amenities.

Best Class A Motorhome for Family: Jayco Precept

The Jayco Precept is an excellent choice for families who want a spacious RV without having to drive a 45-foot coach. We made it a priority to pack in more standard features than the competition for the same starting price in the $180,000 range, including smart equipment and systems that can meet the demands of extreme weather and long-term use. Our industry-leading 2+3 warranty means your limited warranty lasts for two years and your structural warranty lasts for three, protecting your investment across many travels and any unexpected twists.

Explore Jayco Precept floorplans and amenities.

These are just some of the great options for families in our Jayco lineup. Curious about the other models we manufacture or want to visit a dealership near you for a walkthrough? Use our dealer locator to find an RV expert nearby who can answer your questions.

Can a Family Live in an RV?

Yes, a family can live in an RV, provided you have a legal address and official state of residence. However, every state, county, and city may have unique laws around living in a RV, so you should check locally to confirm you are good. As you make these plans, it will be important to consider the reliability of an internet connection for online schooling or make plans for homeschooling. The same will apply if you need to work remotely while on the road. Jayco equips all our RVs with the latest hookups for amenities like satellite and internet, including signal-boosting antennas to keep you connected as much as possible.

What RVs are Rated for Full-Time Living?

You can live in any class of RV as long as you have a permanent physical address and full-time RV insurance. Every type of RV from a travel trailer to a Class A motorhome have been unofficially tested and rated for full-time living by different experts. If you plan to permanently park the RV on your land, additional zoning laws about water and sewer hookups may impact you depending on the laws in your state, county and city.

Is Full-Time RV Living Worth It?

Your family can live in an RV but does that mean you should? The best RVs for full-time living with a family will provide opportunities for privacy and personal space. The best RVs to live in will also be covered by an appropriate warranty. Among Jayco’s models, our North Point and Pinnacle fifth wheel RVs have full-time warranties. Motorhomes with a full-time living warranty are not available. 

Living in an RV means you are together all the time! If that sounds right for your family then RV life may hold many benefits. You will save money on utilities and living expenses, learn the beauty of a simple life, and see the country. The full-time RV lifestyle is a big change, but families who adapt well also gain many rewards. Generally, it’s a good idea to take a few long trips in your RV to test the proposition before you sell the house and pack up for good.

Jayco: Best RV Brand for the Money

Jayco is proud to deliver the best RVs to live in with family no matter how long the journey. Whether you’re buying an RV to make summer memories or try a completely new lifestyle, choosing a Jayco model takes your worries about quality and performance out of the equation. How? Here are just a few examples:

  • Seatbelts in every seating position of every motorhome.
  • JRide™ ride and handling package for precise maneuverability and stability.
  • Interior design materials testing to ensure durability in extreme weather and with heavy use.

These are just some of the innovations and quality standards that continually lead us to receive Best RV awards from industry authorities like RV Business, Trailer Life, RV News, Motor Home, and RV Pro. But we also understand the proof comes with seeing and experiencing the Jayco Difference for yourself! You can use the dealer locator to find a Jayco dealership near you. We’d even love to host you at our factory to take a tour and see the extra steps we take to earn our reputation.


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